Note from the Author

365 Quotes by David Dakan Allison

I’ve been a student of Zen for most of my life, with my own perspective on Zen, which Zen allows.

You can read my Zen stories and philosophy in my book Zen Wisdom for the 21st Century.

Even though I made up all 365 sayings in this book, it’s impossible not to have paraphrased Zenish sayings, which I’ve studied over the course of my life and ingested. Even if they sound familiar, I swear on Buddha’s belly, I didn’t cut and paste any other Zen Master’s quotes in this book, as I did in the Zen Wisdom book. 

In this book, I will present many “Zen is” statements, maybe some clever lines . . . and when I say “I” it’s not meaning me the author’s “I” but an affirmation for you the reader to ingest. ‘You’re the “I” and ”me” in the following pages

I pause to honor my most precious life,” is for you to take in and own.


Week 1


I pause to honor my most precious life.

Zen presents a how to, for me to be still.

Zen suggests I take the opportunity to find my place in the puzzle.

Projecting gratitude, humility, and love illustrates being Zen.

Zen teaches that if nothing is real, only this moment is.

Zen is the awareness that nothing exists except my loving heart.

Zen is the simultaneous awareness of no-thing and every-thing.

Week 2


Zen only has the meaning I give it.

I am not the only fool who would consider a Zen life.

The sound of one hand clapping is a silent riddle with a silent answer.

Zen is an unblemished lemon drop in the shit sewer of life.

 Zen is accepting the wisdom in ignoring what isn’t real.

Zen is knowing the importance of the unknowable whatever.

This moment is my noticing that I’m noticing this moment. 

Week 3


Zen is rejecting the illustrated reality of the illusionary world.

Zen is about discovering the universe vibrating from my hara.

Zen is the art of my conscious breathing in and breathing out.

Zen is the paused observance of my mind drifting.

Zen is the awareness of not being aware this very moment.

Knowing nothing is more important  than believing I know everything.

Zen is my call to live life fully regardless of its teachings.

Week 4


I honor this day because it’s the only day worth honoring.

Being aware I, the Zen student, know when I’m about to make a stupid decision.

Zen teaches me to consider all thoughts as mindless thoughts.

A Zen Master teaches me to embrace chaos, rendering it harmonious.

My conscious breathing is the cure for my anxiety and nervous tension.

Zen is the awareness that awareness is limitless.

Zen is knowing that my love squandered is a precious gift lost.


Week 5

Zen is the unraveling of the contemplation of my life lessons.

Zen and love are soulmates intertwined in search of bliss.

Zen is the ongoing practice of me seeking my internal flame.

The answer is that nothing real exists outside of love, of course.

The Master knows when a Zen slap will awaken my confused mind.

The Zen student welcomes tough love, over ignor-ance.

I know both falling down and getting up are important lessons.

Week 6


Bowing on my knees is considered an example of humility and honor.

For me being humble and grateful are virtues worth nurturing. 

Gratitude for being alive is essential for me to truly remain that way.

Zen reminds me to choose the cookie with the hidden cream filling inside.

Zen raises my love frequency, attracting like-minded people.

Zen aloneness reminds me to enjoy the next interaction with a kindred soul.

It’s useless for me to regret the past, helpful to be in the moment, and fun to dream.

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