Spirit Masks


Each mask in this photo album is an original, 

made from clay and fired, 

and either glazed or hand painted 

by David Dakan Allison 

The quotes are from the author

– The Highway Shaman –

Included in the book

52 Weeks of Wisdom of the Masters

Endowed with a God inspired Spirit, 

we can manifest whatever we truly desire.

I consider everyone I meet a Spiritual Being.

My Power comes from the wisdom 

of life lessons learned, good and bad.

When others are lost in their storm of panic and fear, 

 the wise ones offer a safe harbor of love and harmony.

A balanced life has healthy natural cycles 

of being happy alone and 

being happy with others

The creative process is far more than an activity; 

it’s the bridge to spiritual transcendence.

One’s conscious challenge 

is to find the balance between 

a spiritual life and a mundane life.