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The Original Creations and Art of David Dakan Allison

David Dakan Allison

I live in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico




 Mexico: 52-612-144-5307

USA: 206-809-1172





I’m selling excellent quality canvas prints-on-demand – like the one pictured above, all my original art. The most popular size is 16″x 20.” Your cost would be $70. A huge 3 feet x 4 feet canvas like shown would cost around $300, with an 1 1/2″ wooden back frame. All you need to do is pick an image you like, decide the size and then email me. I will tell you the cost and how to pay. It should be delivered to you within a week.


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email = daviddakanallison@


My Inner Guidance Oracle Cards


Wisdom Cards

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Inner Guidance Oracle Cards


My original 78 cards are an inter-guidance tool, designed for you to remember your Authentic Self birthright. 

You will access powerful personal guidance from your God Within; the truth from your Higher or God Consciousness.



My Dakan Art



Dakan’s Art Store

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Novels by David Dakan Allison


My Books

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Self-Help Books

Self Help Books

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A deck of my Inner Wisdom Oracle Cards.  Cards

A canvas print of my art.  Art

An Inner Guidance Oracle Card


My Authentic Self




I was born enlightened, a conscious being with a Life Force Energy shield, designed to protect me so I could live a life of love, without fear. Unfortunately, our minds have been controlled by dark forces; our parents and teachers misinformed by them, and gas-lighting narcissistic drain our Divine Energy. I’m now consciously aware of these dysfunctions, asking my Spirit Guides and my God Within to protect me from all dark energy. I am setting my boundaries, saying “No thank you,” to anything that feels wrong.


I am protecting myself from all harm.

You can purchase this art piece – 20″x 30″ with wood backing  $100 including shipping

It’s important to be aware of what’s really going on . . .


A Zen life is one dedicated to peace, love, happiness, beauty and harmony


Following the conclusion of a “why not? contemplation:


Email me at:


Or call my Mexico cell number:

52 – 612 – 144 – 5307

US 1-206-809-1172

I hope these songs will brighten your day


Please take a moment to listen

Know you are love

Rest in peace

Dream your sweet dream

’til your soul is relieved

I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah

Another day of living, yeah

I just want to celebrate

Another day of life



This is a prayer of forgiveness

Say this with a person or experience in mind – repeating it over and over again







i.e. I’M SORRY David  (or name of another  person) for having traumatized you with a lifetime of mental confusion.



Since I’m transitioning to a much smaller home in the town of Ajijic, on Lake Chapala, south of Guadalahaja, Mexico, It may not be a sanctuary to anyone but myself. And it will always be a safe refuge. I will welcome visitors to my home for companionship and personal Oracle card readings.


 In my home, I’ll remind myself of my Divinity, and to honor and respect my dwelling place for the security it brings me. I will be happy and have fun in my home; and allow in prosperity and love to share with others. 

My sanctuary is my headquarters for  sharing my loving support.

The challenge is to HEAL from the Culture of Lies and become sovereign;


The challenge is to HEAL from all constraints and brainwashing.


The challenge is to HEAL from our root and present trauma.


A good start is with the forgiveness prayer: Hooponopono.