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As an Oracle reader, Spirit Guide, I can help you access your awareness of your Higher or God Self; your Truth and Inner Knowing. I created the Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle Cards to help you have a direct experience with your God Within.

In a Spirit Guide counselor session, we can openly talk about your 3rd dimension challenges, the value of your 4D dreams, and how to access your 5D realization of freedom. 

I invite you into the Master Game, to embrace all that’s Divine, while letting the silly life zapping drama go. It’s time we consciously turn our life around and fill it with Love, Freedom, Happiness and Abundance.


David Dakan Allison




 Mexico: 52-612-144-5307

USA: 206-809-1172


 Meaning below:


The Spirit Guide Cards


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With the support of your Spirit Guides, these 78 cards are a powerful tool, your personal way to receive genuine Guidance from your God Within; the truth from your Inner Higher or God Consciousness.



The cards provide an effective way to circumvent your mind and confusing influences.


I would love to share my Spirit Guide Wisdom cards with you: through a personal or phone reading, or you can purchase a deck from me in Ajijic, Mexico.






Owning Your Power

Our I Am Presence, God or Goddess, birthright has always been there waiting to be expressed. We each have the ability to call forth our Higher Self and become a unique expression of the Image and Likeness of God.

Empower Your Self. No one can do this for you. Why show off your weaknesses? Today, right now, you can decide to be strong and powerful. Why not? Do it your way. Show the world that you’re a unique empowered expression of love and compassion. This is who you’ve come to earth to be.

I am a powerful warrior of Love and Light.


My Self Help Books

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Check out my five powerful Self-Help books. Fifth book: Diary of an Old Fart’s Sexual Healing in Thailand

They are ready for publishing.

I hope these songs will brighten your day


Please take a moment to listen

Know you are love

Rest in peace

Dream your sweet dream

’til your soul is relieved

I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah

Another day of living, yeah

I just want to celebrate

Another day of life


Chapala Wellness Center




My dream, with the support of Love Won Society and the Galactic Alliance, is to create a world class Holistic Wellness Center and Spa. It will be located on Lake Chapala, an hour south of Guadalahaja, Mexico. This dream project waiting for funding.

At this time, there is no physical Holistic Wellness Center. I am available to answer calls, offering Alternative Medical Counseling. Check out my website:


Since I’m transitioning to a much smaller home in the town of Ajijic, on Lake Chapala, south of Guadalahaja, Mexico, It may not be a sanctuary to anyone but myself. And it will always be a safe refuge. I will welcome visitors to my home for companionship and personal Oracle card readings.


 In my home, I’ll remind myself of my Divinity, and to honor and respect my dwelling place for the security it brings me. I will be happy and have fun in my home; and allow in prosperity and love to share with others. 

My sanctuary is my headquarters for  sharing my loving support.

That Art of

David “Dakan” Allison



I am a professional artist. I’ve created and sold over 10,000 pieces of original art.


My Art was mostly ethnic, unusual and  something intended to appeal to your heart, a treasure you can easily buy, to remind yourself of your beauty and abundance, and all the goodness you deserve.


To purchase a Dakan Art canvas print,  click here:


Dakan’s Art Gallery



My Books


 Books by David Dakan Allison



Click on the blue to see the 22 covers of my books. And then click under the cover and go to the page where you can read chapters.


Some of the books, like the Blackfeet Murder, are available at Amazon Kindle ebooks.


You can support me by buying this $9 book, a canvas pint of my art, or a T-shirt


A Zen life is one dedicated to peace, love, happiness, beauty and harmony


Following the conclusion of a “why not? contemplation:


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Or call my Mexico cell number:

52 – 612 – 144 – 5307

US 1-206-809-1172

The challenge is to HEAL from the Culture of Lies and become sovereign;


The challenge is to HEAL from all constraints and brainwashing.


The challenge is to HEAL from our root and present trauma.


A good start is with the forgiveness prayer: Hooponopono.


This is a prayer of forgiveness

Say this with a person or experience in mind – repeating it over and over again







i.e. I’M SORRY David  (or name of another  person) for having traumatized you with a lifetime of mental confusion.