This stained glass window, one of four in an Anchorage, Alaska church, is one of thousand’s of original works of Art I designed and created. 


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David Dakan Allison



Please don’t hesitate in contacting me:


Call in Mexico: 52-612-144-5307

Call from USA: 1-206-809-1172



For the past 50 years, I have been a Light Worker, a Way Shower,  a Shaman Earth Guide, working directly with my Spirit Guides to become a Shaman Artist and Oracle Master.


My Work is to help others self-realize and happily proclaim:  I AM the God That I Am; uniquely and wonderfully Divinely Human.


I can help you accelerate your Spiritual Manifestation Ascension process with:


1. Spirit Guide Readings


2.  My Cabo Home


3.  Dakan Art’s Store


I am proud to admit that I’ve done my AWARENESS HOMEWORK for the past 56 years, since I first learned about the evil controlling globalist cabal, the Illuminati by various names, while in college in the late 60’s.


Although ridiculed most of my life, I am proud to be among the millions, the growing ranks of what the corrupted CIA and media continually demonized as “Conspiracy Theorists.” That is – brave warriors willing to keep digging and searching, without stopping until the truth is revealed.


As a 20 year old in 1967, I also learned about the coming Age of Aquarius, 50 years in the future. I had hoped to still be alive in the 2020’s. Thank God I am – and now enriched with a lifetime of research, very well prepared to understand what’s really going on – theTruth.


Multi-millions of people around the world are now waking up to the FACT that we are currently engaged in mankind’s ultimate battle of Good vs. Evil; a decisive war between God and Satan.


We the people must pay attention and decide if we want to continue to remain the manipulated controlled slaves to the evil New World Order corrupted SATANIC slave “masters”, who want 90% of us dead and the rest of us to eat bugs and be happy – or to stand up, own our personal power and fight for our Divine Right to Live Long Healthy Lives filled with Love, Freedom, Happiness and Abundance. 



I am on the side of Love and God, and I pray that you are too.

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Welcome to the home of a lifetime of Divinely guided artistic endeavors


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What I’m doing, wishing to share my Spirit Guide Wisdom cards and art with you, has nothing to do with philosophies or judgements of what’s right or wrong or good or bad. That’s just a bunch of stuff out there.


With the cards, I’m presenting a tool, a way for you to be able to access Your truth and Highrer Consciousness Guidance from within your heart – by circumventing your mind and confusing outside influences.


The Art is something that may appeal to your heart, an inexpensive treasure you can easily buy, to remind you of your beauty and abundance, and all the goodness you deserve.


Most importantly, we are all here to, want to, enjoy this amazing world we live in, to be happy and have fun; to be prosperous and share our love with others. That’s what we’re here for and really want to do.


The first smaller clinic Cabo Holistic Healing Center, is an important project waiting to be funded.

At this time, I am the Cabo Holistic Healing Center, offering Alternative Medical Counseling. Check out my website:


Spirit Guide Wisdom Cards

Spirit Guide Cards


In the summer of 2022 I began creating my own 78 card Spirit Guide Card deck. Each card has a different photo, mostly of my art and a few photos I’ve taken. On the back are meanings, words of wisdom that will help a person achieve higher understanding. We are hoping that many readers will accept this new deck and way of accessing the truth of their being. They are available to purchase – contact me..

Beginning in 1980,  I was the apprentice of Druid gypsy Tarot and Astrology Master Priestess. My 42+ years of doing at least 1000 positive and well-received one-on-one Life Coach readings, have prepared me to create this wonderful deck of cards. They will help anyone to connect directly to Higher Consciousness or “Spirit Guides,” both invisible but always ready to  tell you whatever you need to know.


My Spirit Guide Wisdom Card reading sessions include either:


– a 9 card consulting reading done with my 40 years of interpretation skills,


– a 9 card alternative reading medical counseling session. 


Cost: $80 for the 1 hour reading and consulting session

Two Spirit Guide Wisdom cards and meanings


Owning Your Power



Our I Am Presence, God or Goddess, birthright has always been there waiting to be expressed.


We each have the ability to call forth our Higher Self and become a unique expression of the Image and Likeness of God.


Empower Your Self. No one can do this for you.


Why show off your weaknesses? Today, right now, you can decide to be strong and powerful. Why not?


Do it your way. Show the world that you’re a unique empowered expression of love and compassion.


This is who you’ve come to earth to be.


I am a powerful warrior of Love and Light.


My photo from a Chiang Mai Thailand museum


What is your gift to the world?


To be a Master, you must choose something, and then focus your attention on it


until you’re confident enough to share it with others.


Whether your goal is to master a skill, and/or to be recognized for your great achievements,


it’s your unstoppable spirit, fortitude, and tenacity that’s worthy of the highest praise.


Owning the feeling of Mastery is your reward for your dedication.


In order to achieve Mastery,


you simply need to set your heart and mind on whatever you’re doing, . . . and keep practicing.


I am the Master of my Destiny


Original ceramic mask by David Dakan Allison



To purchase my art in various sized canvas prints, contact me:



I have several hundred pieces of Art in 10 different categories for sale starting with the Dakan Art Gallery and the following (+) pages.

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A SpiritGuideWisdom card

Highway Shaman Wisdom





Whenever so moved, I post my written thoughts and Wisdom here.

This also includes (mine and other’s) Spiritual Art, plus the wisdom of other Masters.

The challenge is to HEAL from the Culture of Lies and become sovereign;

The challenge is to HEAL from all constraints and brainwashing.

The challenge is to HEAL from our root and present trauma.

A good start is with the forgiveness prayer: Hooponopono.


(saying this with a person or experience in mind – repeating it over and over again)







I’M SORRY David  (or name of another  person) for having traumatized you with a lifetime of mental confusion.



My Fiction Novels


Novels – Books by David Dakan Allison


Click on the blue to see the covers of my 22 books.And then click on the blue link under the cover and it will take you to a page where you can read chapters. Some of the books are available at Amazon Kindle ebooks. Google the complete title and it will take you to the Kindle store.

Self Help Books


My Self Help Books


Click on the blue and it will take you to the page of my series of Seven powerful Self-Help books. They are ready for publishing.

A Shaman is a person who is aware of and has learned to engage in Multiple Dimensions of Reality on a daily basis. As the Highway Shaman, I simultaneously live in the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions, can fluently discuss them and guide you to your personal Spirit Guides in the 4th Dimension. I live a Zen life and envision/pray for a healed world as a Spiritual Light Worker.

Maybe there are Shaman schools, I don’t know. I met my incredible Shaman Medicine Woman teacher by “accident.” Most of her instructions over 12 years happened in the 4th dimension, though I considered her a friend in 3D. She declared me a Master, though I denied it for years. For 25 years after 1987, the shaman in me showed up in my ability to channel/make exoteric faces from clay. Click on any of these: Spirit Masks, Spirit Masks Illustrations, Japanese Art, to see my Art Books, a small portion of my work from 50 years as a ceramic artist. Beginning in 1980 and continuing for 34 years, I was mentored by a Gypsy Druid Priestess. Because of her I became an adapt Tarot Reader, and eventually I developed my own way as a Shaman Spirit Guide empath reader. Readings


A Zen life is one dedicated to peace, love, happiness, beauty and harmony


Following the conclusion of a “why not? contemplation:


Email me at:


Or call my Mexico cell number:

52 – 612 – 144 – 5307

US 1-206-809-1172