The Fifth Dimension


The four detective follow the four old folks to Shambala, and learn about love.


Chapter 1


The river flows. Smoothing stones. In perfect harmony


A grand adventure has just ended, with eight people, four couples, each finding the most authentic form of love for one another, and thus entering into the 5th dimension, a higher frequency of peace, love, harmony and happiness. Now forty years younger, Robert and Maggie, Howard and Sopi, with Tenzin, have said goodbye at the entrance to the Shambala portal, and enter into the life Robert had known for thirty years; a returning prince in the paradise of Shambala.

Lucky, Taylor, Jimmy and Lily are guided by Arjuna back through the crystal cave, into the Mayan jungle, and then to Robert’s Cessna. 

It’s the airplane Arjuna flew from Merida with Robert and his friends. The old man had attempted to give Arjuna the airplane, and now he says it now belongs to Taylor. “You’re giving me this airplane?” she exclaims. “It’s beautiful. Maybe I should learn how to fly? Didn’t you say you have a pilot’s license, Lucky? Do you know how to fly this plane?”

“No problem, I guess,” he answers. “It’s dual engine. The plane I learned to fly was also a Cessna, but with a single engine in the front, whereas this has one on each wing. Did you fly this plane here, Master Arjuna?” He nods.

After preparing the plane for flight, Arjuna takes Lucky for a short spin, instructing him. He quickly discovers that it isn’t so different, and soon gets the knack of it. After he lands the plane and get out, Arjuna says something in Tibetan, which Lucky guesses means, “I’ll be right back,” as the beautiful man walks into the forest.

The four of them wait under the airplane’s wing for Arjuna to return. An hour passes and he never returns. Lucky finally concludes, “Maybe he actually said, ‘Good luck and goodbye.’

“I think his purpose was to get Robert and the others to Shambala, and then to get us here safely. His work was done,” Lily offers. The others agree.

Lucky takes off and once he gets his bearings straight, with Taylor as his co-pilot, Jimmy and Lily in the back, he heads to Merida. At their hotel that evening, the four talk about the amazing turn of events, which happened at the portal and how their lives will never be the same. They can hardly believe the old folks somehow became younger than them, and that Taylor is now a billionaire. They wonder about Arjuna’s disappearance. After a good dinner, they walk around the festive city, content with their good fortune. 

After a well-earned night in the comfortable and lovely Merida hotel, they get an early morning start, and are soon on another journey, to the Chiapas farm lands of Mexico. Before this adventure started, Robert told Lily that after they say goodbye, she must visit this certain farm in Chiapas. She had been there before and knows where it is. She gives Lucky the location and they are soon in the air.

“I’m feeling extremely blissful,” Lily offers over the engine noise. “This past week has been beyond anything I would ever have imagined.”

“Are you talking about the falling in love part?” Taylor asks. “Or your mother being cured of terminal cancer and now much younger than you? Or was it being in the Fifth Dimension, and being in the presence of two Immortal Masters?”

“All of that,” she answers. “What do you think of having a billionaire father who is six years older than you? I can’t believe he gave you Shambala Natural Foods. You’re going to be my boss.”

“Let’s not even go there,” Taylor answers. ‘“I’m still buzzing, feeling all this love. It’s hard to believe I’m not angry anymore.” They all acknowledge the remarkable transformation they’ve experienced. Life is now wonderful. The four have never felt such love.

Taylor and Lucky are on a honeymoon of sorts. Everything is glowing and special. Lucky remembers how he thought Summer was the most beautiful woman in the world. Maybe she still is, but with Taylor he has the whole package. She is also beautiful, more athletic than Summer, equally intelligent, and lives in Portland. She’s also a billionaire, though that has nothing to do with his love for her. Most importantly, they’re on the same page, not in conflict. They’re experiencing the most incredible journey together, and are sure that anything is possible, as long as they hold on to the love.

Lucky flies down close to the jungle canopy. It seems as if life could never again be as perfect as it is at that moment.

While in Merida, Lily had called ahead and made reservations at a small riverfront hotel near the Shambala Foods farm in Chiapas. It’s late afternoon when they arrive. A local taxi is waiting at the small airstrip, and the driver takes them up tree lined unpaved roads, into the foothills. When they arrive at the lovely single story forest inn, they’re treated like royalty; as if they are indeed royalty, taken to the most luxurious suites. An hour later, two servants lead them to the riverside restaurant, where they’re the only guests. Without ordering, a mouthwatering vegetarian feast is placed before them. Later local musicians appear, with wonderful Mexican guitar music and song. It’s beyond delightful.

It seems as if they’re still in the Fifth Dimension, and unlike their trek up the mountain at Khawa Karpo, they’ve stopped trying to figure anything out. It’s as if they had dreamed of being treated this way, and so it is.

The next morning, Taylor and Lucky swim in the inn’s river pond, and frolic like happy children, or adults in love, a combination of both. Making love in the pond seems unnecessary, oddly enough, since everything they do is an act of love-making. They’re naturally experiencing a slightly lower vibration of the bliss Arjuna had given them in the hut at Big Sur, which now seems so long ago.

Jimmy and Lily enjoy their veranda, their evening double vanilla lattes; their dream come true. Fishing for trout is on Jimmy mind, wondering if the river has any, but decides his fishing dream can wait for another time. “The river flows. Smoothing stones. In perfect harmony,” he whispers in Lily’s ear. She loves his haiku’s, but more importantly, she loves her man.

The four decide to spend another day at this ideal river inn. Jimmy asks his host and a guide takes him to “the spot” on the river for trout fishing. Lily spends the time setting up an agenda. She arranges a meeting at Shambala Foods Chaipas organic coffee processing plant, the next afternoon. Little does any of them know at the time how much our lives are about to change again, in re-entering the real world.

After a wonderful breakfast, Lucky flies them to Tuxtla Gutiérrez, arriving an hour before the planned two o’clock meeting.

They’re surprised to see a white Lexus limo waiting on the tarmac, with a perfectly dressed chauffeur bowing as they walk toward him. A hotel minivan stands ready with two uniformed men, ready to attend to their luggage, even though they have no intention of spending the night. Lily had chosen a beach-front hotel in Coatzacoalcos, a couple hours flight north. When the porters approach, Lucky tells them they have other plans for the night and that taking the luggage is unnecessary. In typical obedient fashion, the man argues, “Mrs. Mendez has arranged our hotel stay for you. It is quite elegant. My job is to take your luggage and I must do it. I insist.” Lily says in kind Spanish, “Quizas mas tarde, for favor.” Maybe later, please.

As they sit in the back of the limo and head to the coffee processing plant, Lily suggests they simply surrendered to what is, view the plant, and then fly to the beach resort. They realize they could have accepted the local hotel   offer, walk around Tuxtla Gutiérrez, enjoy the local ambiance, spend the night and leave the next day for Coatzacoalcos, but they didn’t want to let go of their freedom, their fifth dimensional bliss. They had allowed the porter’s insistence to take some air out of their balloon, and as they sat in silence, feeling the change in energy as the third dimension came rushing toward them, they had no idea what to expect next.

At the entrance of the Shambala facility, one hundred people are gathered, at attention, in silence. The four visitors leave the limo and stand facing the crowd. The silence lasts a confusing long minute or two, until a woman steps forward. She claps her hands three times. Everyone relaxes and remain silent.

The woman, whom they assume to be the director, walks toward them. She reaches out and takes Taylor’s hand, while at the same time somehow instructing the other three to stand back. She whispers in Taylor’s ear, “I’m Mrs, Mendez. Follow me,” pointing to the entrance about thirty yards away. Taylor looks at Lucky, perplexed, then gives him a “what the heck” look, and starts walking. Her and Mrs. Mendez.

Mrs. Mendez raises her arm and waves her hand. The crowd starts clapping, it seems for Taylor, as if she were royalty or a returning hero. Jimmy, Lily and Lucky don’t know what to think. It takes about ten seconds to figure out that all of this wasn’t about them; it was all about Taylor Banks, the new owner of Shambala Natural Foods. How did they know?

Suddenly the hundred people break ranks and start rushing toward her. She looks confused, maybe scared. Lucky doesn’t hesitate, and knifes through the crowd towards her, with Jimmy and Lily right behind.

The director turns and stands beside her. She raised her hand to stop her employees, to silence the cheers, for the people to backed off to listen. “Our owner Mrs. Taylor needs to see our plant, see the good work you do and talk with me about business,” she say in Spanish. “You can go back to your work now. We are all honored that our new leader is here. Maybe later she will come out and talk to you. You do speak Spanish, Mrs. Taylor?” She nods yes. “Please, go back to work.” The people immediately obeyed, and dispurse.

Mrs. Mendez opens the door to her large conference room, and they follow her in, along with six other management looking people.

“What’s this all about?” Taylor asks Mrs. Mendez as soon as they’re all seated. “Lily Vahn here is Shambala’s executive secretary, Robert St. Clair’s personal assistant. You should be talking to her. What makes you think I have anything to do with Shambala Foods? I think you’re mistaken.”

“It is very much my pleasure to meet you, Dona.” Mrs. Mendez says with a confident smile. “There is no misunderstanding. I know who you are. It is no mistake. Today is the first time the owner of Shambala Foods has come here. We are but a humble coffee factory. You being here is a great blessing indeed.”

No one at Shambala Food’s Portland headquarters, not even Lily, Robert’s personal assistant, had any idea he was going to give ownership of Shambala Natural Foods to his biological daughter, Taylor Banks. But somehow Mrs. Mendez knew.

What just happened shakes Taylor to the core. From this moment on it all has become real. Her life will never be the same.

Although only Lily knew, and they would never tell Taylor, Lucky had successfully delivered her to the portal to Shambala, thinking he would be given all the money he needed to finance his revolution, but that didn’t happen. Robert changed his mind. She now has it all, and he’s back to where he stated, essentially broke. It’s a good thing she’s my girlfriend, he thinks, gratefully.

Chapter 2


Accepting the throne.
Reasonably reluctant.


After her staff’s presentation on the quality of their coffee and the good health and happiness of their workers, Mrs. Mendez dismisses them.

In the manner that fits a proper Mexican businesswoman, she then pulled a Fedex envelope from her briefcase, and four sheets of paper, which she hands to .Lucky, Taylor, Jimmy and Lily

“As you can see, I have made copies of the original letter sent here from Ms. Jennifer White, from our Portland headquarters,” she begins. “I will read to you the little personal letter she sent to me. ‘Dear Mrs. Mendez, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. Our records indicate that your facility is doing extremely well. All your numbers keep rising. Congratulations. I just received a message from Ms. Lily Vahn, Mr. St. Clair’s personal assistant. She, along with Taylor Banks, Jimmy Meriweather and Lucky Two Crows, will show up at your facility tomorrow or the next day. Please hand a copy of the following letter to each of them, and the enclosed named envelopes. Sincerely, Jennifer.’”

“That was a quick turnaround,” Lily says. “Okay. What do we have here?” She begins reading her copy of the letter out loud:

“Dear Staff and Management of Shambala Natural Foods, worldwide,

I am writing to inform you that there has been a change of ownership at Shambala Natural Foods. As many of you know I have been the original and sole owner of this company for the past forty-five years. Earlier this year, after suffering a near-fatal stroke, I was forced to stop working. After a month in intensive care, in a coma, the doctors didn’t think I would survive. Fortunately I did.

After checking myself into a care facility, with a twenty-four hour on-call nursing staff, I thought long and hard about whom would replace me. Whomever I would choose would need to be both CEO of my company, and the new owner.

My candidate had to somehow achieve great merit, and prove his or her worthiness, following an arduous test period, which I set in place.

I am now proud to announce I have chosen my daughter, Taylor Banks of Portland, Oregon, as my successor. From this day forward, Taylor is the new CEO and full owner of Shambala Natural Foods.

If and when Ms. Banks shows up at your facility, I ask that you extend to her the honor and respect she truly deserves.

With blessings for abundant good health and good fortune, Robert St. Clair.”

“I have read this to all my workers, the first thing this morning. So now you will understand why you were greeted as you were,” Mrs. Mendez says with a grin.

Taylor’s jaw drops in shock. Robert had already told her this, but while in disbelief that his young man in front of her actually was her biological father. It didn’t seem real. At the time it was like a fairy tale within a fairy tale. But now it’s the in-her-face actual truth.

Mrs. Mendez taps a number on he smart phone, and a well-dressed gentleman appears. She pulled a written contract from the envelope and handed it to him. “I am Mr. Sundara, an advocate regarding matters of the law. Ms. Lily Vahn is it?” She nods. “It is my understand that you are personal assistant of one Mr. St. Clair. Is this true?” She nods again. “And you must be Ms. Taylor.” She also nods, slightly rolling her eyes so only Lucky can see. “Mrs. Mendez here informed me that an advocate was required to sign whatever papers are in this envelope. Would you like to proceed?” They both nod. He takes out a legal looking contract and hands it to Lily. “In order for no misunderstandings, I think it is best that you Ms. Vahn read this over, before handing it to Ms. Taylor.”

“It was Fed-ex’d overnight from a Shambala attorney with instructions,” Mrs. Mendez offers. “It will officially, with Mr. Sundara as our legal witness, put Shambala Natural Food in your name, Mrs. Taylor.”

Lucky knew what Taylor was thinking. She wants to say Ms. but if she did she would sound just like Mildred Rice, so she lets it go. While Lily silently reads the contract, Jimmy opens the envelope addressed to him. It contains a letter from Robert St. Clair, which says,

Dear Jimmy,

I apologize for taking forty-five years to get back to you. I have followed your career, and believe me, I thought of contacting you a thousand times. It never was the right time, until it was. We have met two times. The first time I didn’t have a penny to my name, and the second, I’m wealthy beyond comprehension. I want to acknowledge that it was you who changed the course of my life. You came up with the means for me to leave the life I wasn’t meant to live. At eighteen, with eight hours notice, you found the money for us to leave our lives behind in New York City, without looking back. If not for you, I’m not sure I could have done it on my own.

Everything I have is indirectly because of you. I am eternally grateful.

With this in mind, I am offering you a job: one you will not be able to refuse. I hereby appoint you to be Shambala Natural Foods resident Zen Master. In the spirit of Zen, you are required to do nothing. You will not have an office, which you will not have to show up at. You only need to be. Wherever that is. However that is. Whoever that is. Doesn’t matter. Ten thousand dollars will be anonymously donated to your dojo, every month, for the rest of your life. I am so very pleased you and Lily finally met. My heart goes out to the both of you. Sincerely, Robert

Jimmy if dumbstruck as he hands it to Lily. She takes the time to read it, and begins to cry.

“What’s in your envelope?” A shaken Jimmy asks Lucky.

Lucky sort of knew what it would say, since Robert had already stated at the portal that he’d changed his mind and won’t finance his revolution. Lucky’s trip to there was a life altering experience and although he certainly needs the money to build his computer hacking headquarters, he doesn’t think he had earned it. How could I be rewarded for falling in love with a beautiful woman? He thinks. PHe isn’t too anxious to open the envelope.

“Go ahead and open it, Lucky,” Taylor says with a loving tone. “How could anything in there be more mind blowing than what I’m going through?”

He opens it and reads,

Dear Lucky,

What I’m about to write will at first sound startling, but it will soon simply be the reality of what is.

I’m thrilled that everything worked out as planned, that we were able to meet at the portal. On my way, I decided to not honor my half of the bargain, which we set in motion before this journey. When we met, I told you that I’m a friend of Clarence Two Moons. I was intentionally vague.

While you were in Montana, you came to the realization that you and Two Crows in 1876 are living parallel lives. You also discovered that Summer and White Feather are also living parallel lives, as are Clarence and Grandfather Wolf Eyes. Although you struggle with this phenomenal reality, I will now reveal another level of complexity. I’m a dear friend of both  Grandfather in 1876, and Clarence in present time. We meet frequently in the Fifth Dimension. I agreed with the first option, since you are Two Crows and his wife is White Feather. Clarence was to set you up with Summer, and if it didn’t work out, I would set you up with Taylor. I hope you can accept our good intentions in interfering in your romantic life. I always believed that you and Taylor were meant to be together, and it all needed to play out the way it did.

Taylor is now a very wealthy woman and her learning curve will be intense. It will begin as soon as she signs these papers. The agrochemical cartels are ruthless predators. As the owner of Shambala Foods, she will be a target worthy of your protection.

She will need your encouragement and support, your strength and devotion, your unwavering love. This is why I decided not to finance your revolution. She will require your daily support. In the coming year you must be patient with her, and not give her the opportunity to be distracted by worrying about you.

To everyone in the world, you must appear to be working detective. Keep taking cases. Do not give up your day job.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Lucky Two Crows. Come visit me anytime. I’m only two dimensions away.

Your future father-in-law,  Robert

“What does it say?” Taylor asks, cozying up to him. “Let’s go over there where we can talk in private.” They move to the other side of the conference room.

“He said it’s for my eyes only. James Bondish, or was that Mission Impossible?” Lucky jokes. “I’m required to burn it immediately. Can I borrow your lighter?”

“My lighter?” Taylor says with a laugh. “I left it at home with my cigarettes. Is there anything in that letter you can share with me?”

“It said you’re the hottest billionaire he ever met?” After she rolls her eyes he continues, “You’re right. That was me saying that.”

“I’m the only female billionaire you’ve ever met. What else?”

“He invited us back anytime: said he’s only two dimensions away. Also he gives us his blessings.” 

“I can’t believe that I met the father I never knew I had and then lost him within an hour. Too bad he waited so long to show up. I really would have liked to have known him. So . . . if you find a quicker way into the 5th dimension, let me know. What else did he say?”

“He told me not to give up my day job and to keep you safe.”

“That sounds good to me.” She pauses to reflect. “He’s right. I need all the help and support I can get. I should hire you as my right hand man, but I think you’ll be with me no matter what.”

“No doubt about that, my love.”

Taylor looks into the air, reflecting. “I can’t believe he actually gave me his whole frickin’ company. I’m a detective, not an MBA in corporate management. What do I know about running a multi-national business corporation? It all didn’t sink in until today. How am I going to pull it off, Lucky?” She sighs, and then looks over at Lily, who’s reading a document.  Lucky and Taylor walk to where Lily is sitting. “Is that my contract? I’m counting on you to teach me everything you know. I can analyze criminals and run an Iron Woman marathon. Owning a multi-billion dollar business? I’m scared. But . . . after what we just went through, I’m thinking there’s no mistakes. Everything happens as it should. Whatever you have there, I’ll sign it.”

“I was sure you would. It’s mostly a statement of what you’ve inherited. Don’t worry. I’m just making sure everything in order and there’s no hidden surprises.”

“Thanks. By the way, you’re still hired. You can have any job under me you want. What’s it called, the chief operations officer. You can be that.”

“How about I keep my job as the owner’s personal assistant.” She smile with Taylor. “I’ll help you the best way I know how, Taylor,” Lily answers, looking up from the document. “It says you get the Frank Lloyd Wright house and everything in it. That’s where I live. You can move in, be my housemate. This document says that you now own everything that Robert owned: the Tesla, his other vehicles, his airplanes . . . his corporate office building, his business . . . ”

“I get the Tesla Roadster?” She interrupts. “Cool, and the Cessna and a Gulfstream? Or two? Unbelievable.”

“It also says you‘ve inherited eight billion dollars in liquid capitol.”


“Besides owning a multi-million dollar high-rise corporate office building and a multi-million dollar house, and multi-million dollar processing facilities and hundreds of thousands of acres of land all over the world, you can go to the bank, as soon as you sign this, and withdraw eight billion dollars in cash.”

“Is that all? Where do you want me to sign?” She thinks for a second. “What’s the catch?”

“The catch is, you need to resign from the Portland Police Bureau as soon as you get back. When you sign this document, you’ll officially own Shambala Natural Foods. You’ll be the one behind the President and Chief Executive Officer’s desk. The boss, the buck stops here decision maker, the face and spirit of one of the largest grocery empires in the whole world. I’ll be right beside you. I think we can handle it.”

“Thanks for the confidence. Does this mean from now on all the food I want at Shambala Foods is free?” Taylor jokes.

“Someone can shop for you, from now on. We’ve got a gal to cook your meals. Clean your house. Caretakers for the house and yard. If you like a restaurant, you can buy it, and have every meal there free too.”

“No thank you, except for the grocery shopping and cook and housekeeper. That all sounds good.” Taylor closes her eyes and holds everyone’s attention for at least a minute, opens them, and then continues, “Jimmy, you know me. You watched me for three months, moaning and growing, begging to be transferred to homicide. I really wanted to work homicide. It’s what I wanted all my life. I started working out when I was twelve, so I’d be a strong cop. I went to college for six years to be a cop; got a masters degree in Behavioral Science, so I could understand the criminal mind. I worked hard to get through the academy and become a detective. If I sign those papers, hat I wanted to do all my life will never happen. I’ll never see a dead body. I’ll never save lives. I’ll be a queen in an ivory tower, ruling over a vast green empire. Life isn’t about money. It’s about being free to do what you want to do. When I put my signature on that paper, will I be signing my freedom away?”

“I think you would not be wise if you were to turn this offer down,” Mrs. Mendez offered in her sing/song lilt. “It is very important, at least in our culture, to keep the family business alive. This is what you have been given to do. It is your lot in life. A most fortunate one, if I don’t say.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I was just being transparent, saying how I feel,” Taylor answers, resigning to the inevitable. “What if you spent your whole life wanting to be a pilot, Mrs. Mendez, and you learned to fly, and that is all you really wanted to do, was to fly? But your father owns this coffee factory and wants you to work here instead. One day he says to you, ‘sign these papers and this factory is yours.’ You would never fly again. That’s all I’m saying. I wanted to be a detective, and now I am being asked to do something I never wanted to do, never thought about or considered doing. I’m feeling vastly under-qualified at the moment, and to tell the truth, scared.”

“Like I said, we can do,” Lily says in confidence, while handing Taylor the pen.

“God help me!” she sighs,” as she bends over and signs the most important paper of her life.