Teachings from my Zen Book


If the wisest pundits are correct, that “only love is real,” then Zen is your opportunity to demonstrate what is real; by simply breathing love in and breathing love out. 

Zen is your opportunity to demonstrate the higher levels of integrity: kindness, and respect for your Self and all people, animals, and creatures; for the earth and all of creation, while breathing Oneness in and breathing Oneness out.

All Masters teach that in each moment we are at choice. We can choose to breathe life in barely, halfway . . . or fully. With each breath in and each breath out, we are choosing Life or denying life. We are either dying, stagnant, or we are moving forward, towards Self- Mastery of this Reality.

Zen is an opportunity to Live your Life in the Fullest Expression of Who You Really Are: Alive, Aware and Enthusiastic. We need to remember that Each moment is precious. That this is a precious Moment. The best moment for you to be You.

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