I was just outside watering my 400 potted cactus plants.

I was drawn to one and told to take it out of its pot.

After a year there, I struggled to get it out.

But once out, I put it in a much larger pot with fresh soil.

I could feel its relief.

And that’s how it is with most of us.

We oddly continue to stay stuck tight in our container.

Maybe it’s time to find new soil, where our roots are free to spread.

In this university of life, even if imprisoned, we’re free to choose;

To accept the next situation as an experiential gift.

After I broke my arm 7 years ago, I decided to slow down;

To pay attention to my body and surroundings.

Before my brain injury, I’d misplace and lose things.

Afterwards, I nurtured my mind, and commanded it to remember.

Now, every time I have another significant life lesson,

I’m more discerning than before, and more aware of how to react.

And more assured that God’s love protects me.

As a Light Worker forever attempting to align with Universal Consciousness,

I accept myself as the Sigma Male; a Lone Wolf without restrictions.

My Aquarian Universal Love for All can’t be caged; contained in a little pot.

It needs the freedom to spread far and wide, to include Everyone.


My dear friend Chante :


A profound truth that escapes us is;

ALL Are One

ALL paths lead to Unity Real I zation

So. . . . all peoples everywhere are being lead to

the Portal, where this realization is accomplished.

Such is the intelligence of love

Where all are inspired from within to seek wholeness.

How that works is beyond me.

I might as well allow myself to be scooped up by the river and let it take me home.

I feel this although it is an energetic river.

It comes mostly at night when I let go of my vertical axis.

It starts in my heart and expands out thru every limb,

beyond my body to the outer beyond.

And then, it penetrates deeper and deeper inside my heart.

It knows what it is doing.

 I feel like I am disappearing in a field of energy.

I feel it is trans-forming my body without so much as a word from my head.

No desires, no asking, no pleading,

no requests, no complaints, just breathing and going with it.

ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! releasing the ‘world’ that has occupied my energetic structure

Chante Quiett


And then illustrated by Nikola Tesla:


We are whirling through endless space,

with an inconceivable speed,

all around everything is spinning,

everything is moving,

everywhere there is energy.

There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly.

Then, with the light obtained from the medium,

 with the power derived from it,

with every form of energy obtained without effort,

from the store forever inexhaustible,

humanity will advance with giant strides.

The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities

expand our minds, strengthens our hopes and

 fills our hearts with supreme delight.

Nikola Tesla


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