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Most of us in the Western world are lost in the 3D Matrix. We struggle to survive or possibly have succeeded with the money game. We engage in sex, sports, politics, social media, TV and all sorts of various activities to combat loneliness, or to feel worthy and seen. All of it is attached to the external – what we can see, touch, smell, hear and believe: what we perceive as Real.

Beyond and yet inclusive in that is the 4th and 5th Dimensions of reality. After 40 years of Spirit Guide Readings, I have the ability to see beyond the “scientifically proven” 3D reality, into these unseen higher dimensions of reality.

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Life Coach Counseling

Donation – Value $600p/hour

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I was introduced to multidimensional reality as the protégé of two living Masters: a Shaman Medicine Woman and a Druid Tarot Priestess. I was also taught how to maneuver successful through the 3D maze as the student of an Awareness Seminar master, a 10th degree living Aikido master, and by living with a Hawaiian Kahuna, with constant reminders of 5D Lumeria.

Although I am not a follower of organized religion, there is some truth in all teachings. When I was a teenager I rejected most of the Catholic dogma but not the idea of “Guardian Angels.” As a child I prayed every night for my angel to protect me. Since 1985, after doing at least 1000 “Spirit Guide” readings, seeing how accurate and personal each one is, I can’t deny that each and everyone of us has a Higher Consciousness, wanting to tell us the truth, and at least two angel or spirit guides; always helping. We live in a very confusing world with constant distractions. Our guides, or “inner voice higher consciousness,” are constantly guiding us to the correct action, if only we can listen. It all comes down to stilling the monkey mind chatter, and trusting our inner guidance.

When I began reading Oracle cards, I realize I have no more power than anyone else. I empower the client by asking them to first shuffle the cards, to pick the cards for the reading, and then read the meanings, without my interference. I am the witness and translator; an intuitive story teller. I can say “I didn’t do anything.” The perfect personal message proves inner or spirit guidance.

I can also do this with a phone call. For $1000 pesos or $60US an hour, you can experience this magic for yourself. Simply call me in Ajijic, Mexico at 52-612-144-5307 and let’s set up an appointment.



The following was written by Linda, a brilliant Master guide. Check her out – Soul Solutions at www.lindamasterson.com


“You can feel our energy within your own knowing. If it feels compassionate, helpful and empowering, keep the connection open. If it does not, close the door. You are your own authority. We come and offer our perspective freely, matching your commitment to your own soul’s journey.

Ones who seek to grow will be supported in growing. When ones seek a savior or want their ego-stroked or want fortune-telling, we recede, as this is not our intent. We are here to assist you to grow in the awareness of your soul’s energy, purpose and unlimited nature. We come from the Original Light as do you. This is the light that illuminates the realms of your soul’s Home.

You who inhabit 3D have refracted this light through putting your power outside. You did this by splitting Original Light from its unity, equality and wholeness into an infinitude of slices that keep your awareness bedazzled by an apparent outside reality. We would call this an Illusion, since your focus on it tends to deprive you of your innate power. This Illusion has become so compelling to you that you have forgotten the Original Light of your Home.

And, yet, although you can lose sight of this Original Light, you cannot ever be separate from it. In truth, you ARE this Light.”

1976 I met the Shaman Medicine Woman and in 1980 I became the apprentice of a gypsy Druid Priestess, who had mastered Astrology and the Tarot. Within a year I was also giving traditional Tarot readings. In 1984 I found the Elements Tarot. It was a completely different kind of Tarot with no color depictions, no Emperors or Knight of Wands, only a simple graphic design and word on each card. For me it took away occult circus which came with traditional Tarot readings. Now I could get right to the heart of the matter with the client. I also use the Osho Zen Tarot, the Good Tarot and my Pendulum.

Over time I came to realize what was really going on with the Spirit Guide Wisdom cards. A reading gave the clients their  “Spirit Guides” support and their God Within Consciousness an opportunity for direct communication. No matter how the cards were shuffled, the reading goes directly to the source issue the client is facing in their life.

These readings are miraculous and astounding.



Value = 15 pesos per minute


 typical full reading

50+ minutes 

On the right – David Dakan Allison in 1969





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The above chart is mine. Colored is self “Defined” and white is “Not self”

Human Design is a science based on your birth information, like astrology. I have found it to be Right-On in getting to the core of who you are, and hopefully what your are on earth to do in this life. I am not a trained and certified reader. I once had a discussion with the President of Human Design in America, the man who certifies. He told me that I have the gift most of his graduates lack – Intuition. Like the Elements Tarot readings I can see the whole picture – what the reading is saying to the client – how it’s attached to Higher Consciousness. The Initial readings is $100. Additional counseling is $60 an hour.

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