Ru Azul’s castle in the Middle Earth

Book Three


The Middle Earth Mystery


Story: Kudram, also known as Ru Azul,  kidnaps the twins Diaoji and Leilani from a mall in Kyoto and takes them to his castle in the Middle Earth. They find out that the immortal triplet brother from Kashal’s intention is to become the sole ruler of both the Middle Earth and the Upper Earth. He believes this’ll happen if he possesses the Five Crystal Spheres. The twins have been on a quest to find them. And rescue their mother, who is also Kudram’s prisoner. The three escape and return to the Upper Earth, where with their mother encourages them to find the remaining spheres, so to reverse a 13,000-year-old misalignment where the pristine 5th dimensional Ki Earth duplicated into the 3rd dimensional Ku Earth, filled with struggle and strife.

Note: There are many fascinating side stories in this compelling adventure. It may require a 4th Twins of Kashal book, before all five spheres are found, and the worlds are restored to harmony, where Ku becomes Ki.  Twins Four

This novel has been written, needs re-writing and put together, then edited.

Daioji & Leilani – The Twins of Kashal



End of Book Two 


Kozo bounds down the escalator and races across the Flower of Life floor towards Leilani and Diaoji.

Their safety is his only concern and he hardly notices RuAzul, Chikara and the Ark, or the people surrounding them. As he approaches his children, a wave of relief comes over him. They appear unharmed.

“Stop,” RuAzul shouts as their Father is about to pass by, frozen in motion by a wall of ki energy, which both his father-in-law Chochi, and Heijo, have demonstrated to him on many Aikido sparing occasions. He has no choice but to do as he’s told: humbled down to his knees.

“Who are you?” Father asks as he slowly rises, takes a deep breath and looks into the eyes of the man who now has his attention. “What do you want with me and my children?”

“Silence!” RuAzul demands as he turns and points at the twins. ” Come here.” They ignore his command as they rush to jointheirr father. Grandfather holds his place on the sidelines. He appears trapped in an energy field, which he’s unable to overpower, as are Basho, Izami and Kinju. Kozo notices him for the first time, and looks at the twins questioning his presence, since he should be in Hawaii, and yet the proud businessman remains composed.

“I will not be silent,” Kozo says, standing tall with authority, having no idea who he’s actually facing. “I asked you . . . what do you want with me and my children?” He wras his arms around both Diaoji and Leilani.

“I want nothing of you. You are here as a courtesy, that’s all,” RuAzul replies without emotion.

“A courtesy? A courtesy would be to let us walk away. Now!” their father demands.

“Be quiet little man. I’m giving you an opportunity to witness that I’m really not the monster people say I am. There is no question that these twins and I have a destiny, and there is no one, especially you, or our my pathetic cousin over there, who can stop destiny from playing out. You may join your friends on the sideline. Say goodbye, Mr. Kosai.”


“You heard me. Leave!”

Kozo feels a pushing force as he unwillingly lets go of his children and stumbles backwards to join Grandfather and the others outside of the Flower of Life floor. RuAzul gives Grandfather an angry stare.

Then, like the conductor of a symphony orchestra preparing for the grand finale, RuAzul spreads his arms wide waist high, tickled his nine fingers up, and very slowly begins to mentally lift the petal tips up from around the perimeter of the Flower of Life floor, as if he was waking them from a dream. The petals effortlessly began to raise, upward, outward, and then inward, merging and weaving together, forming a large golden sphere.

Grandfather! Leilani yells in her mind. What’s going on? What is he doing? Help us!

He won’t hurt you. We will find a way to get you back.

Find a way now! she pleads.

This too must be part of you destiny. Call upon all that you have learned, all that your grandmother and I have taught you. Be with what is.

They hug each other, struggling to hold on to some sense of their own reality. They know that screaming or pleading with RuAzul will do no good. Their only option is to take their Grandfather’s advice and be with what was.

When the last of the petals clicked into place, an inner sphere of blue formed around RuAzul, Chikara, the Ark, and us. The enormous energy ball then rose off the ground, letting off multi-colored pulsations of light in every direction.

The pulsations transformed into rippling waves of light, which within seconds became a hurricane force that literally opened the ground under us. We could see all of this from the circular 360 degree windows. I’m sure it was one way glass, and they couldn’t see us.

The golden sphere hovered above the hole where a carousel used to be. We watched as Grandfather and the others held on to each other, shielding their eyes from what must have been a golden glow, or intense energy. Then saddened we dropped, and were gone.

The air and the earth in the mall returned to normal and the carousel reappeared in its place in present time and space. Children were on the carousel as if nothing strange had happened. People were strolling and shopping like every other day at the mall.


Ru Azul

Kudram – the evil triplet brother

Kozo was shaking as he stared over at Grandfather, and then at the carousel. It was all beyond his comprehension. Everything that had just happened now rendered him speechless, since his logical mind had been brutally thrown into a completely impossible bad dream. The floor turning into a spaceship and his children kidnapped: how did all this happen? He was in mental shock.
I needed to change tactics, and quickly. This whole RuAzul episode wasn’t supposed to happen. There were still two Spheres left to find, and four Masks.

Grandfather’s version of the destiny didn’t include his cousin’s interference.

He had carefully plotted each step of the journey. I knew exactly where the twins had to go in their search for the five Crystals. Yes, there was danger involved, and I knew what Kit and Kat were capable of. I had taught them well and trusted their innate abilities. Although I hadn’t anticipated fights with samurai, I placed Kinju and Izami there to protect them just in case. I knew the dolphins would take them to the underwater pyramid, and I had personally joined the twins in the Crystal pyramid. Egypt all happened in a virtual reality game, and I was there. Everything had gone according to my plan until now. I had chosen to ignore RuAzul, thinking that my cousin would be too caught up in his illusions, and denial of the twins, to pay the Prophesy any mind.

I was worried, a very rare and uncomfortable emotion for me, a man who always had everything under control. I had no idea what my unpredictable cousin would do with Kit and Kat, although I had to trust they would not be harmed. This was an unfortunate and terribly untimely detour I needed to deal with immediately, with no time to waste.

Kit and Kat were gaining control of their destiny, although that would be the last thing they would realize. Their desire to find their mother, my daughter, had become stronger than I had anticipated. Maybe this will give them the strength and determination to fulfill the Prophesy, I thought. I will have to trust what’s transpiring, and work with it to our advantage. I left Izami to calm Kozo and hurried off with Kinju and Basho.

Izami walked up to Kozo and took his hand in hers, sending a calming presence through him. Color returned to his face.

“Wha . . .” Kozo cleared his throat and heard his sound. “What just happened? Where are my children?” Kozo still didn’t know who this woman in front of him really was, although he felt a trusting radiance of peace and goodness. “I don’t understand.” Kozo’s mind was rapidly clearing and now he was beginning to feel his anger rise. He couldn’t wait for the answers before he asked the questions he was too upset and confused to organize. “What is my father-in-law doing here? That floor . . . did that really happen? What do you have to do with all of this? What’s your name? Izami? Who was that man? What is this all about?”

“Please, be patient, Kozo . . . we’re . . .” she started. He let go of her hands and stepped back.

“Patient! Are you out of your mind? I want answers now! Where did my children go?” Kozo paused for a second, erasing all the other unimportant questions from his mind. “That’s all I want to know. Where are my children?”
“It appears they went to the Middle Earth. Where else?”

“The Middle Earth! Where else? I didn’t even know there is a Middle Earth. You have an idea then? Can you get to this place?”

“It’s a very vast land, Kozo. Khong may have some idea, but we obviously haven’t had time to discuss it,” Izami answered, now becoming impatient. She was ready to re-join her team.

“I want to go with you. Take me to this place.”

“That’s not possible. You’ll need to trust us. Trust Khong. What you just saw wasn’t part of our plan”

“Your plan? What plan? Khong is an old man who teaches Aikido in Kauai, not some super hero. What’s going on?”

“I can’t tell you right now, Kozo. I have to go. We will find your children. Please trust us. We are dedicated to their safety. Go home.”

“I won’t go home! Tell me who that man was and why he took my children.”

“That was RuAzul, Khong’s cousin. I can’t tell you why he took Kit and Kat. We need to find then, and bring them back. Rest assured, protecting the twins is our first priority.”

“Why are they so special? They’re just teenagers. Normal kids.”

She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked into his panic-weary eyes, “I really have to go. We’ll stay in touch with you. Please, Kozo, I know that this is confusing, but know we will do everything in our power to make sure your children are not harmed and they return home safely.”

When Kozo took the second to look up in frustration and disbelief, Izami slipped away. He, the billionaire highest-level executive, father of what he thought were everyday kids, was now fully engaged in whatever the hell was going on. His eyes searched the heavens. He yelled at a earth, which wasn’t listening:

“I want my family back! I want my family back NOW!”

A Purple Crystal Goddess


Chapter 58


Kozo stood helplessly by as the whole flower-of-life design floor, with his twin children Daioji and Leilani on it, folded into a ball, which transformed into a space craft, that rose like a golden balloon into the gray Kyoto sky. 

Only moments before the twins were witnessing a bleed through into a parallel reality. The ground rumbled as an earthquake shook the mall. Kozo had been pulled from the center of the rotunda by Kinju, the six-foot-eight-inch black warrior. He stood next to the beautiful Izami, who he had met earlier in the afternoon.  Next to her was his father-in-law Koichi and a dwarf, the Samurai Basho. They huddled in a group; protecting each other from the thrust of air particle waves. There was no jet fire or rocket blasts coming from the bottom of the craft – only the force of an unseen energy that moved toward them in powerful chaotic waves. Paniced shoppers and clerks ran out of the mall, scared by the illusion, for it was only the illusion of a tremendous earthquake. A very large carousel rematerialized in front of the huddled group, returning the mall to it’s normal appearance. 

The earthquake was a bleed-through of realities. In one reality the mall, with its carousel, had been functioning as normal. People were strolling in and out of stores, doing their Sunday shopping. Mothers watched their children go up and down and round on the carousel. All this continued on while in a parallel reality the carousel was replaced by an ornate Flower of Life design floor. It was there that Koichi and his twin brother Kudram shape-shifted into nine foot tall dragons and fought an ancient battle around a golden chest, which the twins Daioji and Leilani realized was the Ark of the Covenant.  When the fight was done, Kudram lured the twins into the center of the flower, which then folded into a geodesic dome shaped space craft.  That ship was now disappearing into the Japanese sky with the twins, the M’tajakian princess Chikara, Lord Kudram and the golden chest. The bleed through of realities was Kudram’s folly. He created the illusion of the full-on earthquake which sent everyone out of the mall. Everyone except Koichi, Izami, Kinju, Basho and the very shocked Kozo, who had just witnessed his children disappear in a floor transformed into a space ship heading to who knows where.

In the battle of the two brothers, Kudram had knocked Koichi unconscious with his dragon tail. Koichi immediately fell limp transforming back into his human body. As the earth shook and the ship headed into space, Koichi regained consciousness and saw the dome lifting into the sky.  

In anger and frustration he shifted back into his dragon body, roaring at the ship, startling the group, especially Kozo, with his ferocity.  Within seconds Koichi shifted back into his human form. This wasn’t part of his plan. His grandchildren Daioji and Leilani weren’t supposed to be kidnapped by his brother Kudram and Kozo’s business associate, now turned traitor, Chikara. He had to improvise, and quickly. First he mind transferred instructions to Izami on how to delicately handle the twin’s father.  It was done with a nod as he, Kinju and Basho talked strategy out of Kozo’s sight. 

Izami sat with the distraught Kozo on a bench, unsuccessfully attempting to convince him that his kidnapped children would be OK. She didn’t know whether that was true and he knew she was placating him . . . but that was the best that could be done considering the circumstances. Everything was out of place for Kozo. His father-in-law was supposed to be living a quiet life in Kauai, not shape-shifting into a nine foot tall dragon in the Kyoto mall, before his very eyes. His assistant betrayed him and his children had been kidnapped. Izami left Kozo to be alone, stewing in his confusion, on a bench in an otherwise deserted mall. He had lost his whole family and his world had been turned upside down.

By the time Isami joined the others Koichi was well past his upset, busy formulated a plan. The twins still needed to find the Green Crystal Sphere, and turn the six small Blue Spheres into one big Sphere, then place them, along with the Clear Crystal Sphere, which Leilani had in her backpack, in the Underwater Pyramid. This would open the portal into the Ki World. 

Koichi honed in on the twin and his brother Kudram. He saw the twins seated comfortably in the space craft . . . talking. He saw glimpses of the rest of the day. Chikara’s apartment. A Galactic Ball. Seeing Kudram again. The twins.

Koichi now flowed with the changes, as is his Aikido master nature. Perhaps this side trip will make the twins stronger. They were determined to find out the truth about their mother. Now they will. This is a better strategy. The mother as the carrot. Now the twins will see everything from another perspective. A self motivated perspective.  It will be their reason to want to open the portal. Possibly. I will make it so. This will work, he thought, as long as my brother didn’t harm the twins, that is.  

He knew the twins were resilient and tough. He had taught them, through Aikido and other tests, to be unbreakable under pressure. After eleven years of training, the twins thoroughly understood that ‘living Aikido,’ combined with ‘living aloha,’ were forms of self-protection in and of themselves. The Way of Love was bigger than any conceivable opposition. Puna’s aloha training fortified this, teaching them to turn everything into their favor; to see a favorable outcome, no matter what. 

Being captured by Kudram, the master of control, may be their biggest challenge yet, Koichi thought. All that matters is that the portal to the Ki Earth is opened by tomorrow. Koichi then gathered his companions and created an energy vortex, a vesica shaped bubble around the group. With a single thought they were on their way to the Underground below Kudram’s castle, leaving Kozo alone in the Mall. 

Chapter 59


The craft silently rose into the Japanese sky. With a wave of his hand Kudram manifested a comfortable interior lounge with windows all around. The twins hurried to catch the last views of earth as the ship ascended. 

 “Please sit down and relax. You are in no danger.” Chikara politely offered the twins a seat. They ignored her and remained standing. Daioji touched a sofa as he scanned the ships interior. He knew it was all an illusion, yet  in every way it looked and felt solid and real. The Ark wasn’t in the lounge. He wondered where it was and who was piloting the . . . what was it . . . the mall floor? 

 Daioji, Leilani thought. We need to shield our conversation. Hear me. 

I’m blocked, sister. 

We can’t drop our guard for a second.

I got it. The way I see it, there’s no turning back. 

At least they didn’t tie us up, Leilani thought.

That was low how he got into Father’s mind and pulled him down as bait.  There’s no way we wouldn’t have tried to rescue him, and Kudram knew it. 

I’m glad Father isn’t here. He must have left him frozen in place. I hope he’s OK . . . and Grandfather tells him what’s going on. I wonder what these two plan to do with us?  Leilani considered the possibilities and didn’t want to think of any of them.

We’ll know soon enough. Daioji answered. I guess we can ask.

Let’s be cool and ask them later. I suppose we might as well relax and enjoy the ride.

Look at him. He looks so much like Grandfather it’s scary.

His energy is way different, Leilani looked Kudram over. It is strange that they have the same beard and length of hair, and that it grayed the same. If they dressed alike we’d  have to resort to our feelings. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Me neither. I wonder if they offer beverages and an in flight meal? The thought eased Daioji’s tension as he took a seat. Hey, no seat belts.

Kudram and Chikara remained in place watching them, and in the twin’s minds, trying unsuccessfully to read their minds.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” Kudram spoke with refined elegance as he sat down across from them, “My name is Lord Kudram. The Lord Kudram. Lord of your Earth. You may have heard of me. When the ancient religions of your world speak of Lord, they speak of me. I am the brother of your pathetic Grandfather Kizar and therefore your Great Uncle. You may call me Uncle. I will allow that. To everyone else I am called Lord and Master.”

“None of those work for me,” Daioji answered, not yet intimidated by this truly powerful man. “Uncles don’t kidnap family and, excuse me, there’s no way I’m going to call you Lord and Master.”

“Me neither,” Leilani joined in. “More like slime bucket.” She said in outright total disrespect while staring directly in Kudram’s eyes. She moved her head and gave Chikara a disgusted look, “I knew you were an alien.” Thinking back to the dragon fight at the Kyoto mall, Leilani was beginning to get the idea that she and her brother had entered into a very complicated battle between two brothers, with Chikara playing somewhere in the middle.

“M’tajakian,” Chikara corrected.

“Welcome aboard.” Kudram smiled, enjoying the twin’s feisty spirit. “I hope you’ll have an enjoyable flight,” he ignored Leilani’s remarks as he spoke in a voice that seemed to mock airline flight attendants. “There is no need to buckle your seat belts and we have no in flight service,” he nodded at Daioji as if he had read his mind about food. “We are scheduled to arrive in less than an hour.” He smiled, for the moment enjoying the rare opportunity to show off his limited sense of humor. His humor seemed to agree with Chikara, who also exhibited a rare smile as they both took their seats across from the twins, although there was plenty of room to sit elsewhere. 

“Where we going?” Daioji asked after a few minutes passed.

“The moon,” Kudram nonchalantly answered, as if it were a scheduled flight.

“The moon!!” Both twins couldn’t help but answer at once.

“You’re surprised?” Chikara butted in. “Where do you think we were going in a space ship? Disneyland? You children need to wake up. This isn’t an amusement park adventure ride. Pay attention.” 

Kudram gave her a puzzling look.

“What are you going to do with us?” Leilani asked without displaying her feelings of fear or dread, which were extremely hard to disguise given the circumstances.

“You’ll be my guests for a few days,” Kudram answered with no expression.

“We’ll be your prisoners?” Daioji said the obvious.

“You’ll find me to be a very hospitable Great Uncle.”

“We didn’t ask for your hospitality,” Leilani countered. “I don’t know what kind of warped system you have on your moon, where I come from when you steal people it’s called kidnapping. It’s especially low when you kidnap children, which we officially still are.”

“I see. It may be just a matter of perspective.  Look at it my way. You get a free trip to the moon. Earth people would pay a fortune for such an experience. While there you’ll get to know a long lost member of your family. You’ll have good food and comfortable accommodations. In four days I’ll return you to Kauai. You won’t even have to take that long flight home from Japan.  I don’t see a problem.”

“You don’t see a problem?” Leilani almost shouted. “You’re kidnapping us and you don’t see a problem? What’s wrong with you? You fly down to Earth, grab a couple kids who were enjoying time with their father, who, by the way, you used as bate, and then you kidnap us and take us to the moon and that’s not a problem for you? Are you out of your mind?” Leilani paused to get her breath and then realized what was really going on, changing her voice. “You’re afraid of us. That’s the truth. The only reason you would get us out of the picture is because you’re afraid of us. Admit it.”

Kudram looked over to Chikara. “You do have the wine? I love California wine. Red wine is the best. Do you know it is filled with nitric oxide, which stimulates your higher consciousness?

“I got two cases from Napa Valley,” Chikara grinned.

“I didn’t see cases of wine where we were standing.” Daioji broke in.

“You don’t see a lot of things. You need to pay more attention,” Chikara answered.

Why does she keep saying to pay attention? Diaoji thought to his sister.

“Four glasses,” Kudram said to Chikara. “We’ll toast.”

It’s good advice. Let’s watch both of them extra closely.

“We’re sixteen,” Daioji answered. “We’re minors. We don’t drink. And even if we did, what would we toast about . . . our abduction?”

“We can toast to that, if you would like. I was considering toasting to a family reunion.”

“Look,” Leilani tried another approach. “We were having a perfectly good reunion with our father before you rudely interrupted it. Before you and our Grandfather interrupted it. Me and my brother have a pretty decent life. We didn’t want to go to Japan and we certainly didn’t want to go off looking for the Spheres you stole . . . what was it? 12,000 years ago?

“Then why are you doing it?”

“It seemed that we had little choice. We got into the situation and we have to get out. Do you think we wanted to be captured by you and taken to the moon?

“I see. Well then,” Kudram lifted his silver wine glass that appeared out of nowhere and motioned for Chikara to fill it. “You no longer have to do any of that search for Spheres rubbish. I’ve just saved you a whole lot of grief. I set you free of your commitment. How’s that? It’s time to relax. Please, have a glass of wine with me.”

“No,” Leilani could hardly believe his gall. “My brother and I don’t drink. Get it? Have your wine with the alien princess and me and my brother will just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

The twins decided that was probably the best thing to do, as they looked out the window at the Earth below, marveling at its beauty.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks . . . that’s my home . . . the Earth . . . its beautiful and I want to keep it that way. Leilani mu-mu’d. Kudram is right. People would give anything to see the Earth from here. I bet all those greedy people who are destroying it would wake up if they could see what we’re seeing.

Right on, Daioji thought back. It’s awesome. After a while they sat back in their seats, lost in their thoughts of the day and all they had gone through. Did we really go through the neuro-magin thingy to Egypt? If Grandfather is really a dragon, what would we be? Are we dragons, too?  Daioji thought to his sister.

Listen, Daioji . . . let’s play along. Don’t fight them. Maybe they’ll lighten up on the guard and we’ll find a way to escape.” Excuse me, Uncle?”

“Yes?” He set his silver wine goblet down on a table that wasn’t there before. 

“Do you have a home on the Moon? Is it part of a city or a whole country? Just curious.”

“I have the emperor’s chambers in the top of a castle, which sits above a surprisingly large self contained city. It’s located near the core of the Moon.”

“So you have a sustainable eco-culture?” Daioji always loved to sit in on his Grandmother Puna’s gatherings, discussing sustainable agriculture on Kauai.

“We do. Although we can’t grow grapes. I have to send someone down now and then to go shopping.”

“I bet you do all your shopping at Walmart?” Leilani couldn’t help herself. “The Lord of the Moon shops at Walmart.”

“Walmart is important to me, as a matter of fact.”

Diaoji was surprised by the comment, although he was still stuck on the word lord. “Are you really the one they call Lord in the Bible?” 

“That’s a matter of discussion and scholarly interpretation. I am the Lord no matter what your books say.”

“Why are you doing this?” Leilani asked, ignoring Kudram’s inflated ego.

“Doing what, neice?” Kudram smiled as he savored a sip of his wine.

“Creating this illusion of a space ship. I know it’s not real. Why didn’t you just beam us up and we’d be there right now. Why don’t you just get this over with?”

“I’ve taken this time so we will get to know each other, and to show that I mean no harm. If you would like to be there, then we’re there. Surely you don’t want to miss what’s outside your window.”

The twins looked out the window and were overwhelmed by the surface of the Moon, not more than two miles below. It took them by surprise. They were more surprised when a spot of land began to shimmer and open. The ship slowly moved through the opening of what they would later find out is a camouflaged dome covering the whole back side of the moon. After quickly flying another 1200 miles down to the core, the ship easily lands on a pad, in a mid-section of a massive castle fortress.