I was reading about – clues when you know you’ve entered 5D consciousness. You reject poisonous foods, can no longer watch movies with violence, not interested in social networking, can’t engage in gossip and drama, and basically distance yourself from low consciousness people, places and events. Things like that.
I’m realizing I’ve been like that for many years.
During my 8 years in Thailand, almost every Western man I met married a Thai woman. All these wives were low consciousness women, sweet at first, who turned into controlling bitches. The men all ended up lost in dealing with their wives’ constant drama. This was so obvious to me from my first months there until I left. I only met a few men who were “content” – appreciated having a companion, while putting up with the petty behavior, the squawking – to them that was better than their lonely life back in the USA.
I alway wanted a companion = a perfect reflection of me. Problem was, my standards were unrealistic. That woman doesn’t exist. Which is why I never connected with a woman during my 20 years on Kauai. I could have been married at least 5 times to women interested in me in Thailand. Same unrealistic standard. Women with 3D neediness bore me.
I was reading recently that our only “true relationship” is with our soul mate, and contrary to what most spiritual romantics think, it’s almost impossible for genuine soulmates to incarnate in the same place at the same time in 3D. The soulmate, same time same space, being together relationships happen in the higher realms – like the angelic realms – in a much much higher dimension of reality.
All 3D, here on earth, relationships are growth seminars – lessons about love – leading to each person’s potential self-realization. Learning how to love yourself. It’s never about the other person. Being in love is a choice romantics make to attempt to capture their God Consciousness Knowing of the truth that their soulmate really does exist.But us needing it now humans don’t realize it’s a higher dimensional thing – the soulmate union only happens after graduating from the lower dimensional 3D earth school lessons. Not realizing this, they idealistically believe their “lover,” their “soulmate,” is this 3D man or woman. Unless they’re both 100% sticking to this fantasy no matter what, it ultimately ends in disappointment when realizing it was just make-believe – that that flawed person is not my soulmate.
The person who wrote this said that we all have a soulmate, and with the soulmate relationship there is no separation of time and space – that we are totally in that relationship right now! We just don’t see that person; óur true beloved. But once we realize that our ultimate love and lover is here with us 24/7, we can rejoice in being “älone,” because we’re not. We’re always surrounded with this highest frequency soulmate love.
And as we come into a much higher level of awakening, we just can’t accept a lower vibrational substitute.
A fantasy world? Maybe that – ie. having a higher dimensional soulmate – is the true reality – our God Consciousness reality – and everything in our 3D world is what’s fantasy.

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