David Dakan Allison




I’m a 76 year old multi-media artist living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

I’m an authentic, awakened empath traveling on good life Spiritual Journey. During this transition into the Golden Age,  I’m taking my inner work deeper, my God work higher and my awareness wider. I’ve created the Spirit Guide Wisdom Oracle cards so anyone can have a direct channel to their Higher or God Consciousness.


As an Elder, I realize that my respect given is my respect earned. During these trying transitional years, I was okay being alone, peacefully living my serene Zen life, tending my gardens and writing stories. Those who couldn’t see or feel my love, were free to stay away – while I prayed for the realization of good health, happiness and prosperity, for myself and everyone. 


Maybe one day people will want to read my books (shown on this site) and display my art in their home. If not, so be it. On this site is the work of a Starseed Shaman, a clear channel of God Consciousness, an artist sent to help heal Humanity, a man who has accepted his calling. Like Krishna, I have chosen this dance in the splendor of my creation.


Please, you are invited to join me . . .

Please feel free to call or email me any time . . .