Bangkok, Thailand  View from the 45th floor Marriott Hotel

Dakan’s Highway Shaman Photo’s


These photos were taken while my “on the road.” Each one can be printed on canvas. The sizes and prices are below. Simply send me the product number and the size and I will have it printed and sent to you, free shipping.

SP #1 

An old mill at San Cristobal, Todos Santos Baja Mexico by Aaron Allison. HONOR YOUR CHILDREN FIRST.

SP #2

Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico

SP #3

North of Todos Santos, Mexico by Aaron Allison

SP #4


Chiang Mai, Thailand

SP #5


Sapa street seller, Vietnam

SP #6


Koh Samui, Thailand



$30:   ( 8”x 8” ) &  (8″x 10”) 

$40:   (8”x 12”)  and  (8″x 14”)

$50:  (10”x 12”)  – (11”x 14”) –  (10″x 14”) 

– (10″x 16”)  (12″x 14”)  (12”x 16”)  (12″x 18”) 

$60:  (12″x 20”)  (14”x 16”) (14”x 18”)   

(14″x 20”)  (16″x 20”)  (16”x 24”)  (18”x 24”) 

$70:   (18″x 26”)   (18”x 30”)   (20”x 30”)

$80:  (24″x 32”)  and (24”x 36”) 

$90:  (30″x 40”) 

SP #7

Amarillo, Texas


SP #8

Siem Reap countryside, Cambodia

SP #9

Midlands, England

SP #10

HaLong Bay near Hanoi, Vietnam

Halong Bay is one of the Eight Wonders of the World.

You can stay overnight in a boat like this and be treated like royalty.

SP #11 

Near AuNong Thailand

Need to take a long boat to get here.

SP #12

Rainy day blues, Seattle

On First and Pike, above Pike Street Market

SP #13

Mekong River at Luang Prabang, Laos

SP #14

Melba Aros 2014

SP #15

Hanoi street, Vietnam

SP #16

Thailand sculpture


SP #17

Ankor Wat, Cambodia

SP #18

Chiang Mai alley, Thailand

SP #19

Koh Tau, Thailand