I’ve written some good essays lately. Maybe I’ll post them here. I’m not email them; sharing them, since it dawned on me that my shares were mostly about seeking attention. I would send friends cleverly written, at least I thought so, explanations, wanting feedback and praise. Thinking back, I didn’t really want criticism or even a  conversation – just praise. “Dakan – that was brilliant. I loved it.”
I’ve gone much deeper and I got over that Selfishness. My Neediness. It’s like with my Oracle cards. I put so much time and energy, a few thousand $’s, happily creating them, and now they sit in my closet. What made me make them? The act of creation. That’s what it’s really all about. Being a creator isn’t about making money or praise. It’s not about people liking my creations or not liking them. It’s simply what I do. I create. And then I create again. And then again. I created over 200 stone planters around my house. I’m not selling them and don’t really need to make any more. And yet, maybe tomorrow I will create another one. I create.
Today my pendulum said Yes, that I don’t need to do anything – don’t try, don’t think about it, just take it easy and allow it to happen when it will – don’t consider whether it’s needed or if I’ll like having it or not. Just be happy. And grateful.
Money? In the past two years, Spirit guided me to only make a few investments. Silver. XRP and XLM. Dong, Dinar and ZIM bonds. I really didn’t putting much thought into it. I bought some of this or that when guided. Not realizing that I’ve set myself to receive up to $1Billion dollars, maybe this year.  One of my essays is about this.
I’m also noting, remembering myself as a Shaman, that from my time of birth until right now, what I remember about this life is only the most visible of hundreds of 3D stories I’m involved in, many simultaneous. Just one story or another. All just lower dimension Drama. And only two things in the entirety of this particular 3D story (or any life story) that are important –


are the times I was happy lost in creation and the times I was happy lost in love.

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