“Before you entered a physical body you knew everything there was to know about Source; your Spirit. You had no thoughts or emotions, simply Pure Consciousness. You had no DNA, just a Light Body and the ability to create any physical form and adventure you wished, anywhere you chose to play. You did not know fear, lack or loss. Your Natural State was and is a Peaceful Neutrality, excited about experiencing Existence.

You have no lessons to learn, no karma to pay and no contracts to serve, unless you choose those experiences. Refresh the truth held within your SPIRIT, re-igniting the unlimited being you are, free of duality, pain and limitation, ready for your next great adventure.”  Q


Every human on earth is actually a walking Quantum Computer. If our collective human consciousness hadn’t been programmed by a sinister agenda, beginning at time of our birth and collectively going back, only considering, 200 years, our culture right now would be advanced far beyond our imagination. We have two energies. Source, God Consciousness animated by our Spirit in human experience; free to live in the present Here and Now, and Mind, an alien construct, usually lost in remembering, struggling to accomplish, judging, and future planning; originally designed to access the all-knowingness of Source, in order to fully enjoy life. 


The paradox of Mind is that we really don’t need its alien constructs, it’s teachings, programmed constructs, intellectualisms or religions, entertainments and distractions, to access Source. There are other ways, Zen is not a religion; it’s an invitation to align with Source in the here and now while sitting, walking, being, and doing what makes us happy.


Unfortunately a few psychopaths, have hijacked our alien Mind construct, and have no interest in expanding human happiness. Throughout history ruling classes have manipulated and extremely bastardizing our simple mind requirements, manipulating the minds of the people to serve them, as they accumulate and hoard wealth, elevated themselves above the good people.  These .01% elitist self-proclaimed masters, decided around 200 to 300 years ago that we, their worker slaves, had become too talented, too technologically smart, too inspired, threatening, and needed to be dumbed down. This is when they began destroying the world’s advanced technologies, like free electricity, laser tools and air travel in the 1700’s. They decided to re-set the world, where only a selected few would have access to the now secret advanced technology. They used a forbidden weapon to vaporized entire populations of cities, which in the USA included pretty much all high tech cities from East to West. New York City to San Francisco.


Part #2 continued

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