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Wisdom of the Masters

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This book is ready to be published




  1. If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.

2. If there’s life on other planets, then the earth is the Universe’s insane asylum.

3. Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.

4. The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.

5. So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.

6. The right to free speech is more important than the content of the speech.

7. It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.





Positive Affirmations

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This book contains 365 of the authors original God Within my Heart positive affirmation quotes.

The Intention is to give the reader at least one positive thought for every day of the year.



This book is ready to be published


Week 1 


I am satisfied with my here and now.

I am no longer trapped inside my illusions. 

I am consciously aware of my breathing in and breathing out. 

I consider everyone I meet a Spiritual Being.

I am aware that My Awareness is a precious gift. 

I express gratitude and appreciation for being alive. 

I am living my life fully present in each and every moment.



This book is the result of a lifetime of Zen Study, a Zen life, by the author.

Each chapter is the original wisdom of the author, followed by a traditional Zen story, a teaching and meditation.



This book is ready to be published



An old man walks the mountain path. He’s a Chinese Tao and blind. The stones are loose and he could slip, and drop 1000 feet. And yet he walks on, reminding the student to experience life as it truly is.

His teaching cannot be understood as a concept, or experienced while sequestered away in a monastery, or in front of a TV.

He is fulfilled and content in the awareness of this moment and of this moment: that our everyday “being” is how we organically will become enlightened. Or not.

Zen is about engaging in life. If it is your time to blindly walk the rocky cliff, you will walk it. If you fear is about diving head first into the next challenge, you dive.

Zen is about holding that dirty rock in your hands and waiting and watching as the dirt slowly but surely falls away, revealing the diamond. You are the Diamond you are holding.

I wrote this book to remind myself that I am that diamond, and that the dirt falls away when I dive, when I ignore the 1000 foot drops, and simply, without so many doubtful considerations, take the next step while noticing and honoring the dandelions at my feet.




Zen Inspiration Quotes


This book is the result of a lifetime of Zen Study, a Zen life, by the author.

Each week contains seven original wisdom quotes by the author.

The 365 are intended to be Inspirational, as are the 52 memes.




This Book is Ready to Publish

Week 1


I pause to honor my most precious life.

Zen presents a how to, for me to be still.

Zen suggests I take the opportunity to find my place in the puzzle.

Projecting gratitude, humility, and love illustrates being Zen.

Zen teaches that if nothing is real, only this moment is.

Zen is the awareness that nothing exists except my loving heart.

Zen is the simultaneous awareness of no-thing and every-thing.

Diary of an Old Fart’s


in Thailand


In my mid-sixties, pretty much shut out of the  sexual arena for twenty years, feeling inadequate and emasculated, I figured I’d end up dying with a shriveled-up useless dic. Then my buddy invited me to cut loose and go for it for eleven days as a sexual tourist in Pattaya, Thailand. I had the time of my life.


This book is not about whether what I did was good or bad, right or wrong. I think actions are justified if they make you happy, laughing, satisfied in joy. I certainly was.

Most older Gentleman won’t allow joy into their life. And why not?

  This book is a fun kind reminder that it’s not too late to live your life to the Fullest, with No regrets.


I decided to write a book about my sexual healing;

In order to offer you, my senior brother, the inspiration to have your own

Amazing Sexual Healing Experiences.

You too can spend a week or two loving beautiful young Thai woman, who excel at making you feel like a young buck again.

This book is about going for what you truly desire and deserve. What will make you happy and heal a lifetime of sexual abuse.


This book is ready to be published