H O K I E   D E S I G N S

Payment in cash – Todos Santos, Mexico only.    dakan@highwayshaman.com



All the drawings on this page are done by the artist. This series of black on white pen drawings can be custom printed on canvas for 25 cents a square inch. In other words, if you want a 20″ x 30″ canvas print it would cost $150 including shipping.

The price for two or more would be 20 cents a square inch, or 20% discount. If you want your State exclusive usage rights to an image to be used on a t-shirt – ie. Cabo Golf Club, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, my one-time fee is $200. (exclusive use of image in Baja California Sur, Mexico)

  • H1. Meditation. 8×12 framed $35

  • H2 – American Gothic  8×12 framed $35

    H3. Hokie Lovers

    H4. Hokie Harley

    H5. Golfer 9×14 framed $45

    H6. Surfer

    H7. Guitar player 10×14 framed $55

    H8. Mother with Child – 8×12 framed $35

    H9. Horse Woman

    H10. Walking woman

    H11.Seed Man. 11×14 framed $75

    H12. Spearman

    H13. Waving Woman

    H14. The Fool

    H15. Dancers 2

    H16. Tennis

    H17. Scuba

    H18 – Dancers #2

    H19. Mermaid

    H20. Fisherman

    H 21. Hula dancer #1

    H 22. Mother & Child #2

    H 23. Seed Man #2

    H24. Mother & Child

    H25. Dolphin Woman

    H26. Hula #2