Living in purity and perfection

Within the laws of nature and creation

I express totally and completely as the God That I Am.


I am an uniquely beautiful manifestation 

Of God in expression.


What went wrong?


Doubt posed the question.

A question seeks an answer;

Often questionable answers, doubtful answers

Answers encapsulated in an egos version of truth.


Doubt  dilutes the existential truth:

God is therefore I Am

Without doubt


How dare I doubt the truth of my Perfection?


I am an amazing work of art.

A billion movements occur in perfect harmony,

Dancing within the Universe of My Creation.


Why do I forget I Am God?

Don’t I realize that as God I can be the man I choose to be?

As a man I can choose to be the Expression of Love.


Love is the key to all manifestation, for everyone.


As God/man, a good man, I can manifest abundance;

I can achieve Self-Realization and actualize the Truth of Truths.

I can effortlessly use my Creative Energy to express my Soul Purpose;

I can live my life in Harmony and Balance, in Vibrant Health;

I can live an Illuminated life of purity and simplicity;

A life with no limits, the life of a God embodied; as I am meant to be. 


(and it goes on . . )


I am God. I am Love. I am You.

You are God and We Are One.

I am deathless, ageless and eternal.

There is not a thing in life and light 

That I am not. And so it is with you.

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