October 16, 2023

Zen Love


From 21st Century Zen


Chapter 8

Zen is all about love.


Throughout this book I will talk about love. Zen and love are intertwined. Of course, there are many sorts of love; eight types. Since Zen is an awakening discipline, there are numerous stories about tough love, (which isn’t on the eight types list) where the Zen Master slaps or throws a student out the window, metaphorically, or actually.


Regardless, there is so much to consider regarding love. To love, one must care. I once studied under an Aikido master. One day, near the end of my first year, without the slightest warning, he kicked me in the gut, then threw me across the floor. It was his equivalent of throwing me out the window. At that moment I knew he cared about me.


Did you take time today to demonstrate your love, your gratitude, and the fact that you care about someone? It can be as simple as looking that person, your brother or co-worker, the cashier at 7/11, in the eye, and saying with sincerity, “How are you doing today?” Nd then listen to the answer. Instead of saying goodbye to your wife in the morning, you can take a few minutes to hug her, kiss her on the lips and say, “I love you,” in gratitude for all she has done for you. You can spend five minutes with your dog or cat, and then water all the plants and flowers before you leave the house. You can bend over and touch the earth, and then stretch up and say good morning to the sun.


Everyone and everything in the whole earth waits for your love; wants to know you care. There is no need in being a flower child, skipping around saying I love you to everything you see. In Zen gentlemanly, gracious woman, fashion it can be conveyed with eye contact, a slight bow, a Mona Lisa smile, and a few well-chosen words.


“You look lovely this morning, my dear.”


Remember before you go to bed tonight, to look at the stars and the moon with gratitude. Think about and breathe in the beauty of all creation and remember that “all that” is a gift for you to love, and share. 


And never forget to take the time to love yourself. Zen practice is all about loving yourself. It helps you to relax when you feel stressed. It reminds you to breathe when you feel confused. Zen encourages you to eat good food, to drink pure water, to exercise, and to touch someone and welcome being touched in return; to be kind and loving no matter what. 

In loving yourself, you must honor yourself with right company and right place. Choose carefully. When you go to a cafe, or a party, look around. Lean back and take it all in and think to yourself. Is this the right place for me to be? Consider who you’re spending your time with. Do I really want to be with this person, or would I rather be alone, or with someone else?


In Zen the answer is “of course”, until it isn’t. Know when it isn’t.


Think about the All-Stars in your life; those who mean the most to you. When was the last time you told those closest to you, how you feel about them?


Zen reminds you to be grateful for being alive, to have people in your life who love you, whom you love in return. Zen reminds you to enjoy yourself and the company you choose; those who encourage you to take the time and space to dream, to water the plants and pet the dog, to kiss the bride and get lost in Ahhh moments of your everyday life. 


This is love.


October 14, 2023

Teachings from my Zen Book


If the wisest pundits are correct, that “only love is real,” then Zen is your opportunity to demonstrate what is real; by simply breathing love in and breathing love out. 

Zen is your opportunity to demonstrate the higher levels of integrity: kindness, and respect for your Self and all people, animals, and creatures; for the earth and all of creation, while breathing Oneness in and breathing Oneness out.

All Masters teach that in each moment we are at choice. We can choose to breathe life in barely, halfway . . . or fully. With each breath in and each breath out, we are choosing Life or denying life. We are either dying, stagnant, or we are moving forward, towards Self- Mastery of this Reality.

Zen is an opportunity to Live your Life in the Fullest Expression of Who You Really Are: Alive, Aware and Enthusiastic. We need to remember that Each moment is precious. That this is a precious Moment. The best moment for you to be You.


October 13, 2023

From my book

21st Century Zen


What is a Master, really?


I’m an older man, a Starseed Light Worker; a Way Shower, a dreamer; a traveler; a storyteller, a modern-day Shaman wrapped in a Zen bun. Another old fucker. Many years ago I was told by a most powerful Shaman medicine woman, my teacher, that “You are a born Shaman. Go out there and be who you are” I’m still working to accept who I am.


Maybe it took moving to Mexico, to a place where nobody can find me, to proclaim, “I’m the Highway Shaman! Whatever the fuck that means.” A Course in Miracles teaches me that everything only has the meaning I give it. I like the idea of being a someone another someone would accidentally meet on the road or highway. Though there are no accidents. A someone that the other someone would never suspect me to be. The Who I am.


As far as Zen goes . . . I decided you can’t be a Shaman without being a Zenman. Since no Zen priest would anoint me as either one, why not anoint myself as both? “The Highway Shazenman Sounds good to me.  It’s up to me to supply the meaning. 


A friend asked, “Why put a label on yourself? What Zen Master would call himself a Zen Master? What Shaman would call himself a Master? Let go of the title and just be.” She’s right. I could do that, but what fun would that be?


As I see it, the official Zen world as we know it has it all backwards . . . I was saying to this gal . . . and that the typical Zen Master nonsense is just that. She was defending the sacred Zen Buddhist customs and objected to my blasphemy of proclaiming myself a Zen Master. Do you have a temple? No. A Zen Center? No. Do you have published teachings? No. Do you teach people how to sit and meditate? No. Do you offer riddles to solve? No. Do you have any students? No! Not one!


“Do I have any attachments to having or not having any of that shit? No.


All those “Masters” out there, in their temples or Zen Centers, who have any of what I just mentioned, altars and gongs, teachings and students, have attachments. Zen is all about having No attachments. I have no attachments. I have Nothing! Who is the fucking Zen Master here? I only have what I make up in this moment. That I am a Zen Master.” 


I wanted to say “I’m a Zen Master, so go fuck yourself if you can’t take a joke” but your mind would think, “No Zen Master would ever say that.” Are you sure?


Please don’t confuse me with anything you think you know about Zen. Who says any of those proclaimed Zen Masters really know what Zen really is? Only Osho did. I think they’re programmed to believe that their utterly boring teachings mean something. Why would a sheltered life, a good memory of scripture and chants, and years of repetition make someone a Zen Master? A lifetime filling your head with a “Mind Full” of information is not Zen. Zen is “Mind Less.” 


Being mindless, I’m not a Buddhist, because there’s not one word of that scripture filling my head. Not one memorized chant. Nothing. I’m not any sort of qualified religious guy, since Zen is not a religion. It’s a way of Being.


Or maybe Zen is the only religion. The religion of I don’t give a flying fuck about having my mind programed and being a mimicking monkey of dogma. The religion of total freedom.


My Zen is organic. I’m a Master of surviving life-enhancing fuck-ups, a veteran of important mistakes. Maybe I’m more like the ancient Chinese Taoist. The Tao knew that Life cannot be understood as a concept, or experienced while sequestered away in a monastery, or in front of a “better than thou” master. Tao is everything between the gutter and heaven. Being happy with what is.


I contend that by living life through the actual conscious awareness of moment to moment everyday “being,” a person will organically become Authentic; will eventually realize that all attachment to 3D thoughts and things is mere illusion. Zen is something to do in the months and years while waiting for humanity to catch up. It is preparation for the 5th dimension of Love.


My Zen is about diving head first into actual living experiences; embracing whatever cards I’ve been dealt. Removing the dirt covering the diamond. Letting go of the illusion.


I wrote this Zen book to remind myself, and you, that we are already there, already the multidimensional human, the Masters of Our Reality, and we need only remember that. 


I’m just telling my stories, which could easily be your stories, if you were to proclaim your worthiness to tell them. I encourage that . . . 


October 8, 2023


I was reading about – clues when you know you’ve entered 5D consciousness. You reject poisonous foods, can no longer watch movies with violence, not interested in social networking, can’t engage in gossip and drama, and basically distance yourself from low consciousness people, places and events. Things like that.
I’m realizing I’ve been like that for many years.
During my 8 years in Thailand, almost every Western man I met married a Thai woman. All these wives were low consciousness women, sweet at first, who turned into controlling bitches. The men all ended up lost in dealing with their wives’ constant drama. This was so obvious to me from my first months there until I left. I only met a few men who were “content” – appreciated having a companion, while putting up with the petty behavior, the squawking – to them that was better than their lonely life back in the USA.
I alway wanted a companion = a perfect reflection of me. Problem was, my standards were unrealistic. That woman doesn’t exist. Which is why I never connected with a woman during my 20 years on Kauai. I could have been married at least 5 times to women interested in me in Thailand. Same unrealistic standard. Women with 3D neediness bore me.
I was reading recently that our only “true relationship” is with our soul mate, and contrary to what most spiritual romantics think, it’s almost impossible for genuine soulmates to incarnate in the same place at the same time in 3D. The soulmate, same time same space, being together relationships happen in the higher realms – like the angelic realms – in a much much higher dimension of reality.
All 3D, here on earth, relationships are growth seminars – lessons about love – leading to each person’s potential self-realization. Learning how to love yourself. It’s never about the other person. Being in love is a choice romantics make to attempt to capture their God Consciousness Knowing of the truth that their soulmate really does exist.But us needing it now humans don’t realize it’s a higher dimensional thing – the soulmate union only happens after graduating from the lower dimensional 3D earth school lessons. Not realizing this, they idealistically believe their “lover,” their “soulmate,” is this 3D man or woman. Unless they’re both 100% sticking to this fantasy no matter what, it ultimately ends in disappointment when realizing it was just make-believe – that that flawed person is not my soulmate.
The person who wrote this said that we all have a soulmate, and with the soulmate relationship there is no separation of time and space – that we are totally in that relationship right now! We just don’t see that person; óur true beloved. But once we realize that our ultimate love and lover is here with us 24/7, we can rejoice in being “älone,” because we’re not. We’re always surrounded with this highest frequency soulmate love.
And as we come into a much higher level of awakening, we just can’t accept a lower vibrational substitute.
A fantasy world? Maybe that – ie. having a higher dimensional soulmate – is the true reality – our God Consciousness reality – and everything in our 3D world is what’s fantasy.

September 22, 2023

I was born to be royalI was made to be freeBut I was torn from the gardenWhen that devil lied to me
I was formed from the soilI got dirt inside of meBut I was born to be royalI was made for glory
Take me back to the gardenTake me back and walk with meFor Your presence I am longingTake me back, God, take me back
Take me down to the riverDown to Eden’s crystal streamsWhere every sin can be forgivenHoly Ghost, come set me free
Take me back to the gardenTake me back and walk with meFor Your presence I am longingTake me back, God, take me back
Back to Your kingdom, comeTake me back, back to Your kingdom, come
I was born to be royalI was made to be free

September 2, 2023

I was just outside watering my 400 potted cactus plants.

I was drawn to one and told to take it out of its pot.

After a year there, I struggled to get it out.

But once out, I put it in a much larger pot with fresh soil.

I could feel its relief.

And that’s how it is with most of us.

We oddly continue to stay stuck tight in our container.

Maybe it’s time to find new soil, where our roots are free to spread.

In this university of life, even if imprisoned, we’re free to choose;

To accept the next situation as an experiential gift.

After I broke my arm 7 years ago, I decided to slow down;

To pay attention to my body and surroundings.

Before my brain injury, I’d misplace and lose things.

Afterwards, I nurtured my mind, and commanded it to remember.

Now, every time I have another significant life lesson,

I’m more discerning than before, and more aware of how to react.

And more assured that God’s love protects me.

As a Light Worker forever attempting to align with Universal Consciousness,

I accept myself as the Sigma Male; a Lone Wolf without restrictions.

My Aquarian Universal Love for All can’t be caged; contained in a little pot.

It needs the freedom to spread far and wide, to include Everyone.


My dear friend Chante :


A profound truth that escapes us is;

ALL Are One

ALL paths lead to Unity Real I zation

So. . . . all peoples everywhere are being lead to

the Portal, where this realization is accomplished.

Such is the intelligence of love

Where all are inspired from within to seek wholeness.

How that works is beyond me.

I might as well allow myself to be scooped up by the river and let it take me home.

I feel this although it is an energetic river.

It comes mostly at night when I let go of my vertical axis.

It starts in my heart and expands out thru every limb,

beyond my body to the outer beyond.

And then, it penetrates deeper and deeper inside my heart.

It knows what it is doing.

 I feel like I am disappearing in a field of energy.

I feel it is trans-forming my body without so much as a word from my head.

No desires, no asking, no pleading,

no requests, no complaints, just breathing and going with it.

ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! releasing the ‘world’ that has occupied my energetic structure

Chante Quiett


And then illustrated by Nikola Tesla:


We are whirling through endless space,

with an inconceivable speed,

all around everything is spinning,

everything is moving,

everywhere there is energy.

There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly.

Then, with the light obtained from the medium,

 with the power derived from it,

with every form of energy obtained without effort,

from the store forever inexhaustible,

humanity will advance with giant strides.

The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities

expand our minds, strengthens our hopes and

 fills our hearts with supreme delight.

Nikola Tesla


August 30, 2023

I surprised a rat in my kitchen. So, I went out and bought a foot big glue rat trap and put it at a 3 inch outside door opening. There it sat. The other day I walked through the door barefoot, stepping right on the glue trap. f………k. I caught the rat. I am the rat. Always = I Am That Too.
I’m finally letting it sink in that what’s going on in the world – all the ugly – is necessary 3D drama unfolding, us viewing the ending of the World War of God vs Satan. There is no doubt that God will win, has won, is in control, and we are in the process of sorting through it all, finding our place, as we enter into the Golden Age – 1000 years of peace and prosperity. I know that the Universal Galactic Alliance has been guiding the Military Earth Alliance, which took on the nearly impossible job of physically eradicating evil everywhere.
How much we wish to be engaged in all the real or false news speculations of this 3D drama is up to us. God doesn’t award or take away bonus brownie points if we do or don’t engage. We are free to focus either on the outer 3D world drama, or to go Within, focusing on our personal Inner multi-dimensional Evolution.
In my ZEN studies, I was alway faced with the question – what is better for Me? Doing or Being? My Inner truth answer is always the same. Being. With a caveat. The Doing within the Being is to send out love and blessing from my heart to everyone in the world. To envision everyone of us healed and enjoying happy prosperous lives.
And the “out there” challenges will always slip “in here.”  People will see how their “knowing” plays out when they impose another mask mandate. Many People will ignorantly obey the globalist nonsense, and we’ll see how many of us have evolved to another higher dimension of reality. How many will not comply with evil lies?
Here is what I’m doing focusing inward. Utilizing proven tools.
For over a month now, every morning, I sit straight on the floor and follow along with the 12 minute Kirtan Kiyra – chanting out loud. It’s divided into 2 minutes of saying SA TA NA MA out loud, then 2 min. whispering it – then 4 still minutes, 2 more whispering and 2 more chanting.
I changed the 4 still minutes into chanting SA TA NA MA eight times while tapping each of my 7 chakras. Root tap 32 times, etc. This has allowed me not to forget to stimulate my root, power center, my heart, throat, third eye and crown = every day. Opening these centers.
I’m also learning to squat. I couldn’t a month ago – now can. I’m adhering to my alternate fasting 18/6 eating habit. I’ve been eating my first meal after 12 noon and my second meal before 6pm. I used to weigh 178 and now down to 158. No wheat or dairy took care of all my lifelong digestive problems. Still working on healing my prostate. Because of that, now I’m totally weaned off of coffee and alcohol. My only snack is pumpkin seeds – good for the prostate.

August 29,2023

Living in purity and perfection

Within the laws of nature and creation

I express totally and completely as the God That I Am.


I am an uniquely beautiful manifestation 

Of God in expression.


What went wrong?


Doubt posed the question.

A question seeks an answer;

Often questionable answers, doubtful answers

Answers encapsulated in an egos version of truth.


Doubt  dilutes the existential truth:

God is therefore I Am

Without doubt


How dare I doubt the truth of my Perfection?


I am an amazing work of art.

A billion movements occur in perfect harmony,

Dancing within the Universe of My Creation.


Why do I forget I Am God?

Don’t I realize that as God I can be the man I choose to be?

As a man I can choose to be the Expression of Love.


Love is the key to all manifestation, for everyone.


As God/man, a good man, I can manifest abundance;

I can achieve Self-Realization and actualize the Truth of Truths.

I can effortlessly use my Creative Energy to express my Soul Purpose;

I can live my life in Harmony and Balance, in Vibrant Health;

I can live an Illuminated life of purity and simplicity;

A life with no limits, the life of a God embodied; as I am meant to be. 


(and it goes on . . )


I am God. I am Love. I am You.

You are God and We Are One.

I am deathless, ageless and eternal.

There is not a thing in life and light 

That I am not. And so it is with you.


Dakan Blog Posts



Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.


Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.


Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.


Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.


Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.


Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.


Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.


Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.


And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.


by Max Ehrmann ©1927



July 20, 2023


I’ve been experiencing miracles almost every day, and this one I need to share  b/c it made me laugh.

Around two months ago, I set out in the morning to somewhere, somehow, find a used 8’x8’ RED area rug. I was willing to spend $50. Going to second-hand stores, I couldn’t find it anywhere. About to give up, I decided to check the Very Expensive consignment store Tienda 17. I looked at their stacks of area rugs – all costing around $450. Then, I noticed a red rug alone in the corner.
I got the manager to give me a price so I could buy it. Not for sale, she said. We went back and forth about it – she took me to the store room and showed me a very ugly rug she would discount to $200. I didn’t want to leave without the red rug. She insisted that she can’t sell me the red rug. Why? Because it wasn’t tagged. (it was essentially lost in space).
She left and the helper guy was there, and he spoke no English, so he didn’t understand our English conversation. I told him in Spanish that I really wanted that rug. He looked down at it, maybe like to him it was clutter, shrugged his shoulders, rolled it up and I followed him out the back door – he put it in my car and I gave him $20.
He smiled, happy. The not-tagged, lost in space issue was solved. And I had successfully manifested my red rug.
The story continues.
I always wish to create beauty around me. This rental had a torn leather ratty easy chair. To me an eyesore. For two years I really wanted to replace it and have a decent sofa chair in my living room. Yesterday I decided to do something – find a better chair.
I decided to return to Tienda 17, to see if they had a good one. I was willing to pay $200. I found it as soon as I walked into the store. Two of them.  One was priced at $200 (this is it – great) and the other one – they looked almost identical – was $450. What? They both had power switches to bring the foot rest up and tilt the seat back. I had the worker plug them in. The motor on the $200 one didn’t work – thus the low price. I didn’t buy it. And still it was exactly what I wanted for $200. The motor was just a bonus.
Back home, I figured that maybe I could fix the motor and returned yesterday to buy the $200 one. The manager remembered me from the rug thing, unaware that it had disappeared and I pretty much got it for free. (or maybe happy that I helped her get rid of it??) She said I was a good customer. Haha.  I paid her the $200. And then she went on about how the chair’s motor didn’t work – which I said no problemo.
And then she, quite surprisingly, opened the till and gave me back $100. She said I deserve a discount.  (and maybe she was relieved, grateful, to get rid of a broken chair nobody but me would buy?)
Often we’re unaware how spirit guided win-wins really work.
So I got the very comfortable sofa chair I really wanted. It looks brand new, rocks and here I am, sitting where I wouldn’t sit before – all for only $100.
Life is good.