July 20, 2023


I’ve been experiencing miracles almost every day, and this one I need to share  b/c it made me laugh.

Around two months ago, I set out in the morning to somewhere, somehow, find a used 8’x8’ RED area rug. I was willing to spend $50. Going to second-hand stores, I couldn’t find it anywhere. About to give up, I decided to check the Very Expensive consignment store Tienda 17. I looked at their stacks of area rugs – all costing around $450. Then, I noticed a red rug alone in the corner.
I got the manager to give me a price so I could buy it. Not for sale, she said. We went back and forth about it – she took me to the store room and showed me a very ugly rug she would discount to $200. I didn’t want to leave without the red rug. She insisted that she can’t sell me the red rug. Why? Because it wasn’t tagged. (it was essentially lost in space).
She left and the helper guy was there, and he spoke no English, so he didn’t understand our English conversation. I told him in Spanish that I really wanted that rug. He looked down at it, maybe like to him it was clutter, shrugged his shoulders, rolled it up and I followed him out the back door – he put it in my car and I gave him $20.
He smiled, happy. The not-tagged, lost in space issue was solved. And I had successfully manifested my red rug.
The story continues.
I always wish to create beauty around me. This rental had a torn leather ratty easy chair. To me an eyesore. For two years I really wanted to replace it and have a decent sofa chair in my living room. Yesterday I decided to do something – find a better chair.
I decided to return to Tienda 17, to see if they had a good one. I was willing to pay $200. I found it as soon as I walked into the store. Two of them.  One was priced at $200 (this is it – great) and the other one – they looked almost identical – was $450. What? They both had power switches to bring the foot rest up and tilt the seat back. I had the worker plug them in. The motor on the $200 one didn’t work – thus the low price. I didn’t buy it. And still it was exactly what I wanted for $200. The motor was just a bonus.
Back home, I figured that maybe I could fix the motor and returned yesterday to buy the $200 one. The manager remembered me from the rug thing, unaware that it had disappeared and I pretty much got it for free. (or maybe happy that I helped her get rid of it??) She said I was a good customer. Haha.  I paid her the $200. And then she went on about how the chair’s motor didn’t work – which I said no problemo.
And then she, quite surprisingly, opened the till and gave me back $100. She said I deserve a discount.  (and maybe she was relieved, grateful, to get rid of a broken chair nobody but me would buy?)
Often we’re unaware how spirit guided win-wins really work.
So I got the very comfortable sofa chair I really wanted. It looks brand new, rocks and here I am, sitting where I wouldn’t sit before – all for only $100.
Life is good.

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