Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


To step into the Miraculous . . . for



For One Lucky Awakening Senior


I’m a 74 year old semi-retired world traveler Guide.  I live full time ten minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas, in Baja Sur, Mexico. This is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Many wealthy tourists come here to spend time in one of the many luxury hotels. That’s great, if you want to sit around a new version of a well-formed pool, talking nonsense with other boring old people, for ten forgettable days. The question could be, “If I’m willings to spend $10,000 for ten days in Mexico, why not have an exciting unforgettable bucket-list adventure?”

Perhaps it’s your good fortune to have found me . . . to begin the dream of having your Mexican Adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re over 65, open minded, conservative, would rather not wear a mask, are anti-jab and pro-Trump, let’s talk.  I’m interested in the special someone who is more than ready to co-create an adventure of a lifetime; to see what it feels like to re-energize; to be totally alive, and live life to the fullest, for at least ten days, with a very hard to find peer-age inspiring Shaman Spirit Guide. You’re not going to find someone like me in any tour guide brochure, in fact it’s a bit of a miracle that you’re even reading this.



Two Seniors and the Mayan Temples


I’m a veteran world traveler, offering a unique experience to one adventurous senior for a minimum ten day shamanic adventure to the Yucatan.  I will be making all the arrangements. We could start in Cabo San Lucas, and then fly to Cancun. We would rent a camper van with a Mexican driver, and head off on a mystical road trip.

I’d be excited to be your personal one-on-one Executive Travel Guide. Companionship in travels is so very important, if only to have a witness of the miracles. I don’t wish to spend time with someone who haggles about money. This is why I’ve set it up for you to pay all expenses and my fee. Price cannot be a consideration.


How’d you like a shaman as your Travel Companion?





One great thrill in life is swimming in a Yucatan cenote

The view from my home in Cabo San Lucas

(I do have a guest room)



This is only for someone wealthy enough to understand the value of a great companion.


You pay all the expenses – flights, hotels, meals and ground transportation



$2000 (one week minimum) for my companionship.

And then $250 a day for any days over seven.

52 – 612 – 144 – 5307






David: 52 – 612 – 144 – 5307


Mexico is a great option – and I’m more than willing to go anywhere in the world that’s not locked down.

Dakan on the beach in AoNang, Krabi, Thailand

About me, your Guide


My life has been an unending inner and outer world exploring adventure; a refreshing departure from a career-based life  perspective. I was an artist even as a child. After college, I became a Renaissance Man; a land surveyor, a house builder/painter, a restaurant owner/manager, a hospitality expert, and my final 15 pre-retirement years were spent as a successful working artist. See Dakan Art Gallery. I became a novelist in 2002 and since then I’ve have written over 10 books. see Fiction Novels.

While I was this Renaissance Man, I was trained by four Masters: A Shaman Medicine Woman beginning in 1976, A Gypsy Druid Priestess who taught me the Tarot beginning in 1980s, an Awareness Seminar Master who taught me about “Creating your Reality” in 1984, and a living Aikido living Master beginning in 1991. All four Masters greatly influenced my life trajectory. see Spirit Guide Readings. In the late 90’s, I was trained as a Life Coach and became an Earth Steward Minister; honoring and respecting the beauty and sanctity of all live on earth. Since 1968, I’ve studied all religions and political systems as an Investigative Reporter. All this added up to my unique awareness. I’m a Conscious 5th Dimensional Light Worker, disguised as a normal acting, wonderfully open hearted, good old guy, who loves to travel. see Shaman blogs

​​I come from an upper-middle class family where my father was and four brothers are all millionaires. I’m not enamored with wealth. I’m psychologically healthy and of sound mind, not interested in entertaining damaged or narcissistic personalities. I’m straight, clean-cut, healthy and good natured; a God loving conservative; open minded, tolerant. Loving. I’m definitely not seeking a boyfriend or a wife. I’m Simply a Great Companion for hire at an Executive Rate, for a Magical World class adventure.

We can co-create a wonderful go-for-it itinerary – together. From this day on, it’s a matter of priorities. What’s more important – fear of wasting money you have plenty of, or the joy of being brave, seeing the world with a new friend, and living life with no regrets.





Halong Bay, Vietnam – I took this photo

The Highway Shaman



Prior to moving to Mexico, I lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 8 years. I’ve traveled all over Thailand and know Chiangmai, Kho Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok well. During those years, I traveled all over Asia. I would love to show off Thailand and Vietnam.  I spent two weeks roaming the streets of Hanoi and know great places to go in this area; a couple nights on a wooden boat in Halong Bay is fabulous, as is a trip north to the beautiful mountain town of Sapa, as well as to the perfect beaches at the seaside resort town of Nha Trang. I spent a couple weeks in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where  Angkor Wat, with its historic temples, is located. I also know Luang Prabang in Laos. I lived in Kauai, Hawaii for 20 years and know many spectacular places there, as well as on the other Hawaiian Islands. I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for ten years and Homer for six, and have driven the Alcan Highway from Alaska to LA ten times. We could do that too. In 2015 I spent 10 days walking the streets of Paris and got to know that wonderful city. I’ve toured the enchanted castles of Midlands, England and would love to show them off, too. I’ve traveled throughout the United States, but don’t find it as exciting as the rest of the world.


Have you ever been to the Cathedral at Notre Dame in Paris?


I have. It’s magnificent. There are theories that its not what it appears to be – that is was one of thousands of Power Grid Stations all over Europe, before the mid-1800’s providing free electrical power to everyone. Does studying the European architecture intrigue you?



Me in Paris


Hanoi, Vietnam

Villiers, Paris


My tour of British castles, Midlands, Darbyshire

Welcoming you to my favorite Koh Samui beach at Lamai

I’m writing a series of novels where in Book Three, the characters travel to a Yucatan temple, and to the sacred mountains of Tibet.


I began my 10 year 4th dimensional appenticeship with the most gifted Shaman Medicine Woman in 1976. In 1980 until she died in 2014, I was the apprentice of a Druid Priestess, a master astrologer and Tarot reader. I spend two years in the mid 80’s producing Awareness Seminar, the Sage Experience, first guided by a living master. Since then I’ve spent many years doing readings as a Life Coach. Mostly I have kept my abilities low key and would much rather share them one-on-one with someone who wants to know.

I grew up as a spiritual man. My mother knew I would be her “priest” at the time of my birth. My first birthday was in the Philippines. I attended kindergarten and first grade in Japan, 4th, 5th and 6th in Germany. During my life I’ve traveled around the world; through Europe, Persia, India, Asia and to nearly every US state. I lived in the frontier states of Alaska and Hawaii for 36 years. For over 7 years I made my home in Thailand. I’ve taken several trips to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

I realized that we’re all lonely in one way or another. Half a billion people Buddhist believe that each and every human is engaged in suffering. So there is really no getting around it, all of us are doing our best not to suffer, to be happy. We want to feel supported, to be heard, and to not be lonely. It’s wonderful traveling with someone who sees you and hears you, who helps you to be happy.

As a trained Shaman I’ve learned how to communicate with your Spirit Guides. With my READINGS they will help guide you on the correct path and  help you in finding happiness.