4. The Tashi Jones Mystery  

Japanese Detective


This book is ready to be published


Tashi Jones was a character in the original Twins of Kashal books. In 2021 I decided to take him out and give him his own Mystery novel

Story: Tashi is a Private Detective, and also a photographer. For years he has been fascinated with a certain crypt, in an ancient cemetery in outside of Kyoto, Japan. One day while there, the crypt mysteriously opens and inside he finds the 16th century Royal  Twins, sitting upright with their severed heads in their hands. Between them is a book. Tashi steals the book, and back home he discovers that it is the story of the Twins. In reality, they are the reincarnated Royal Twins and he has something todo with them in a past life. it is his destiny to set history straight.  Tashi Jones








In Book Two we return to Portland and learn about the lives of Robert St. Clair and his three friends, preparing and then escaping from Happy Acres. They go to Big Sur, California, a week before the detectives and have their own transformational experiences. The next leg on their trip will be in search of a sacred pyramid in the Yucatan in Mexico. Book Two


This book is in the process of being edited in March 2021







Both the old folks and the detectives go to the Yucatan jungle in search of the sacred pyramid, which is the portal to Shambala, or so they think. They end up in Tibet where two most exciting adventure – the movement from the 4th dimension of reality into the 5th occurs.  I’m not sure at this point if the story will require a 4th book in the series or not. Book Three

This book needs a major re-write editing, but the story line has been written



8. The Diary of an Golden Child in Tibet

 A Tibetan Story


This book is ready to be published


Story: Robert St.Clair lived in Shambala until he was 35 years old. In his last years there, he wrote a book titled Many Gods – One Heart. In the mid 1960’s the book became very popular to guru chasers in the US. In 1967 (as he told in The Lost Master) he began a speaking tour in New York City, after which he ran away from that life. This book is excepts from his original book; parables and poetry, words of wisdom. 

This book has been written and is ready to be published. Parables. Spiritual Teachings.



Lucky Two Crows – Native American Detective 




This book is ready to be published


Story: Portland, Oregon American Indian Rights detective Lucky Two Crows, goes to the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana to solve a murder.

This novel has been written and is ready for final editing before publishing. Detective Mystery. Romance. Metaphysical Twists.

To read the first chapters of this book, click here: The Blackfeet Mystery


An American Indian Story




This book is ready to be published


Story: In 1876 Two Crows, then a scout for General George Custer, deserts and returns to his Blackfeet village. He wants his Medicine Man grandfather to cure his Future Dreaming. He marries White Feather. After leading warriors on a massacre of 7th calvary soldiers, he decides to follow in Grandfather’s footsteps, to become a Medicine Man and ride the High Pony. 

This book has been written and is ready to be published. Historical Fiction. Parallel lives. Romance.

To read the first chapters of Book Five, click here: High Pony

The following books are thought out, either partially written

or are waiting to be written.



11. A Murder of Crows Mystery


Story: Lucky returns to Hardin, Montana. Local young men, women and even children are missing, and mothers are distraught. During his investigation he goes to an abandoned prison, and discovers an underground uranium mine run by the North Koreans, mined by slaves (the young locals) and a sex slave half-way house, defended by the American Indian Army. He sneaks in and has to fight his way out. Intrigue. Danger. Martial Arts fighting.

This novel has been partially written, needs to be put together, and then edited. Detective Mystery. Murder. Romance. Metaphysical Twists. A Murder of Crows


Lucky Two Crows Mystery Series


12. The Bangkok Bride Mystery


Story:  At age 22 Lucky went to Bangkok to learn Muay Thai boxing. While there he fell in love with and married an 18 yo Thai girl. He left her to return, but never did. Now he is 38 years old and Taylor receives a cryptic letter regarding the son Lucky never knew he had. This leads to a trip to Bangkok and then Las Vegas, a search and a lot of martial arts fighting. And the truth of what is really going on. The Bangkok Bride Mystery

The 8 page story idea for a Motion Picture has been written


13.  The Black & White Resolution


Story: Life is complex and not every problem is black and white, easy to resolve. Portland Oregon Municipal Judge Clayton Hightower is inspired by his social worker daughter to devise creative resolutionsfor first offenders. He is faced with this challenge when two twelve-year-old boys, from upper middle class families, are sent to him regarding a bullying issue. Clayton, who has a love of photography, gives both boys $100, and orders them to buy cameras made before 1965. His instructions are to take photos of Portland buildings built before 1915, and then develop the film on their own, with the help of young mentors, also in trouble with the law. Retired Captain Jimmy Meriweather runs an Aikido dojo where the Judge and the offenders will train, to learn a common discipline. It’s a heartfelt story of resolution, redemption and inspiration, where everyone wins.  The Black & White Resolution

The story has been written for presentation as a Motion Picture




14. Amelia is a woman’s journey.

Not finding happiness with her successful family life, she gives it all up and goes to Kathmandu to seek enlightenment.