I surprised a rat in my kitchen. So, I went out and bought a foot big glue rat trap and put it at a 3 inch outside door opening. There it sat. The other day I walked through the door barefoot, stepping right on the glue trap. f………k. I caught the rat. I am the rat. Always = I Am That Too.
I’m finally letting it sink in that what’s going on in the world – all the ugly – is necessary 3D drama unfolding, us viewing the ending of the World War of God vs Satan. There is no doubt that God will win, has won, is in control, and we are in the process of sorting through it all, finding our place, as we enter into the Golden Age – 1000 years of peace and prosperity. I know that the Universal Galactic Alliance has been guiding the Military Earth Alliance, which took on the nearly impossible job of physically eradicating evil everywhere.
How much we wish to be engaged in all the real or false news speculations of this 3D drama is up to us. God doesn’t award or take away bonus brownie points if we do or don’t engage. We are free to focus either on the outer 3D world drama, or to go Within, focusing on our personal Inner multi-dimensional Evolution.
In my ZEN studies, I was alway faced with the question – what is better for Me? Doing or Being? My Inner truth answer is always the same. Being. With a caveat. The Doing within the Being is to send out love and blessing from my heart to everyone in the world. To envision everyone of us healed and enjoying happy prosperous lives.
And the “out there” challenges will always slip “in here.”  People will see how their “knowing” plays out when they impose another mask mandate. Many People will ignorantly obey the globalist nonsense, and we’ll see how many of us have evolved to another higher dimension of reality. How many will not comply with evil lies?
Here is what I’m doing focusing inward. Utilizing proven tools.
For over a month now, every morning, I sit straight on the floor and follow along with the 12 minute Kirtan Kiyra – chanting out loud. It’s divided into 2 minutes of saying SA TA NA MA out loud, then 2 min. whispering it – then 4 still minutes, 2 more whispering and 2 more chanting.
I changed the 4 still minutes into chanting SA TA NA MA eight times while tapping each of my 7 chakras. Root tap 32 times, etc. This has allowed me not to forget to stimulate my root, power center, my heart, throat, third eye and crown = every day. Opening these centers.
I’m also learning to squat. I couldn’t a month ago – now can. I’m adhering to my alternate fasting 18/6 eating habit. I’ve been eating my first meal after 12 noon and my second meal before 6pm. I used to weigh 178 and now down to 158. No wheat or dairy took care of all my lifelong digestive problems. Still working on healing my prostate. Because of that, now I’m totally weaned off of coffee and alcohol. My only snack is pumpkin seeds – good for the prostate.

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