Highway Shaman is the Brand name for all David Dakan Allison books 

The team to get these books published and out to the world.

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Here are my Five Self-Help books.


Two are my original quotes, one has quotes of Masters, and 21st Century Zen is 200 pages of my impressions of Zen. And stories of a true life adventure in Thailand

Self-Mastery Book #1

 Wisdoms of the Masters


Self_Mastery Book #2

God Within My Heart

365 Positive Affirmations


Ready to Publish

 Self-Mastery Book #3


Zen Wisdom for the 21st Century


Ready to Publish

Self-Mastery Book #4

Zen Inspiration


Ready to be Published

 Self-Mastery Book #5


Sexual Healing


Ready to Publish

The Blackfeet Murder


This a 400 page wonderful adventure and intriguing detective story


Now available at Amazon Kindle

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Tashi Jones – Japanese Detective


Ready to Publish

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Tashi Jones






Ready to Publish

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Twins – Book One



Hidden Crystals


Ready to Publish

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Twins – Book Two

The Middle Earth



Ready to Publish

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Twins – Book Three



5. The Shambala Mystery – Book One

“The Third Dimension”

Ready to Publish



6. The Shambala Mystery – Book Two

“The Fourth Dimension”

Final Edit

7. The Shambala Mystery – Book Three


“The Fifth Dimension”

Final Edit

8. The Shambala Mystery – Book Four

“The Diary of a Golden Child in Tibet”

Ready to Publish

9. The Lucky Two Crows Mystery – Book One

“The Blackfeet Murder”

 Published on Amazon Kindle ebook

10. The Lucky Two Crows Mystery – Book Two

“Two Crows – The 7th Path”


Ready to Publish

11. The Lucky Two Crows Mystery – Book Three

“A Murder of Crows”


50% Complete

12. The Lucky Two Crows Mystery – Book Four

“The Bangkok Bride”


Needs re-Write

The Highway Shaman Art – Photo Books

20. The Highway Shaman Art Book #1

Spirit Masks


Ready to be Published

21. The Highway Shaman Art Book #2

Spirit Masks Illustrations


Ready to be Published

22. The Highway Shaman Art Book #13

Japanese Art


Ready to be Published

A Book Idea that would make a light-hearted Movie

 23. The Black and White Resolution 

 PLOTTED OUT FOR TV. Lucky had traveled to Shambala with his best friend Jimmy, the African American Portland Police Captain, retiring after 45 years, who is also an Aikido sensei. Jimmy is good friend with the African American Judge Clayton. Jimmy has an unused old photo studio upstairs from his dojo. Clayton sentences two boys for bullying to learn to Aikido, plus develop film there, mentor by two college kids on probation. It’s a heart-felt healing, life lessons, coming of age story for all the characters. It would be a great “Hallmark” easy to make motion picture. It has been plotted out for screenwriting