What is Sexual Healing?


Adult consented Sex, especially for the deprived older gentleman,  needs to be regarded as therapy for healing to take place.  Most often senior men are semi-atrophied their most important male muscle, and are in great need of physical therapy.


Men need therapy for their happiness muscle.


A beautiful professional young woman in Thailand can make an older man happy in every way. Just what the doctor ordered.

We are never too old to be happy, and we’re never too old to enjoy sexual pleasure.


Who says sex needs to be anything other than a normal, and powerful, healing therapy?

Guidance Tips #1

  1. Open your mind to new and exciting possibilities.
  2. Consider that your religious and society programming may not support your best interests regarding sexual healing.
  3. Your best interest is to enjoy your life to the fullest, with no regrets.
  4. Consider that the advertised profile of a sexually attractive man, the porno stud you are not, is total bullshit. This slick marketing presents a terrible message to the older man. It destroys self-esteem. In comparison, you will never be a man like their model. Fuck them. Let’s focus on your sexual healing, and you loving yourself, and women, in ways you never imagined.
  5. Imagine it is entirely possible, it is entirely possible, to be healed of whatever sexual issue you have; for you to have wonderful sex with beautiful young women, no matter how old you are. 

Chapter 3

Energy of Creation


Sex is the energy of creation

It is what begot all of us.

Sex is the juicy urge

That makes things happen.

It is what drives us.

Sex is what keeps us from being

Stagnate immobile blobs.

Sex is the interaction of two forces;

Two diverse forces or energies

That produce movement.

Sex is the great dance.

It is the fire of the Gods and Goddesses

In the cauldron of creativity and passion.

Sex is breathing and 

Acknowledging our Aliveness.

Sex is what sustains us as humans,

What procreates us, what excites us.

Sex is humanity at play.

It is intimacy’s expression

It is touching and merging.

Sex is loving.

Sex is fucking.

It is being in the present moment with another.

Sex is jumping into the washing machine.

It is being there for yourself.

Sex is being there for another.

Sex is fun.

It feels good.

Sex is the moment of creation

That climaxes with a big cum bang.

Sex is all life dancing around the May pole.

Sex is . . . 

Sex is . . .

Sex is life.

It is everything in life.

Everything is sex.

God is sex.

Sex is God having fun

Fucking his creation.

And it is good.