My life only has the meaning I give it. 

I can choose a higher life meaning, such as being a wise Master. 

My goal is to find Mastery,
in the confusion of 3D distractions. 

My failures help me to remember how precious my life is. 

I am learning about the rewards of spiritual wisdom by projecting gratitude and love. 

It’s important for me to acknowledge how important I AM. 

I am now deciding to stop betraying my Divinity, with my illusionary ignorance.






I am worthy of the rewards of my personal genius. 100%. 

Today it’s important for me to remember that my smile and laughter is my gift. 

I am responsible for all my life choices, good or bad. 

My awareness evolves as I relax into accepting my hidden strength and unconditional love. 

I am never upset for the reason I think. I know, between memories and dreams, only THIS moment is real. 

I am aware of my Divinity; my special assignment as a Light Worker in the Golden Age.



I am happy in this “here and now” moment. 

I am in an evolutionary process of breaking free of all my self-created boxes and cages. 

I am consciously aware of this precious moment, breathing in and breathing out. 

I am aware that everyone I meet is a Spiritual Being.

I am aware that My Awareness, in this moment, is all that really matters. 

My Divinity is expressed in being present and listening, in feeling gratitude and appreciation. 

I am being called to live my life as a Master, fully present in each and every moment.



I am living each day like its my last, with no regrets. 

In full consideration, my next decision is the correct one. 

I am attributing my next thought to be
a product of my Higher Consciousness. 

I am always choosing harmony over confusion. 

I am overcoming confusion by allowing for my Higher Consciousness to prevail.

My Power comes from the wisdom of life lessons learned, good and bad. 

I am aware of the Unlimited Resources available to me; God’s unlimited supply. 



I was born to learn what love is.

Wisdom and love are my best tools.

My life is an ongoing practice of learning How to love myself.

Love is always the answer, of course.

I am wise enough to know when my or another’s tough love is appropriate.

I appreciate the many forms of love, including heartbreak and resolution.

My falling down and/or failure is necessary before getting up and succeeding.



My mistakes are small stumbling blocks towards my successful self-knowing. 

I am paying attention and learning lessons essential to my Spiritual evolution. 

I am grateful for the simple fact that I am still alive. 

My success and mastery comes from always wisely considering my next step. 

I am paying it forward with my loving heart, inspiring like-minded people to open their hearts. 

My love and good fortune reminds others of what they too can have in life.

I encourages myself to keep dreaming my dream, so that a world of peace and love will come true. 



Today I’ll remember to be goodly, Godly and holy; to pet the dog and kiss the bride. 

I welcome quiet solitude, my time to get lost in the Ahhh moment of my everyday life. 

I refuse to get lost in my comfort zone; to continue to awaken myself from slumber. 

I am choosing to express my right to do any crazy thing I want, for the hell of it. 

I welcome the Zen slap that will wake me up and get out of my unconscious habitual routine. 

I am always considering love over fear, and NEVER choosing fear. 

Relaxing and meditating are tools for me to re-energize my I Am Presence. 



I am continually refusing to be a slave to my bad habits. 

I am striving to pay attention each moment; to be a conscious Warrior of Love. 

I am alive in being human, by expressing the emotions that arise, and then moving on. 

I am aware of people or events that trigger my unresolved fear and lower levels of integrity. 

My true soul’s work comes after my exhaustion from my running away from it. 

I am refusing to conform and fit into others’ expectations. 

I am strong enough to not be swayed by peer pressure or fake news. 

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Life, in all Its Activities everywhere manifest, is God in Action; and it is only

through lack of the understanding of applied thought and feeling that mankind is

constantly interrupting the pure flow of that Perfect Essence of Life which would,

without interference, naturally express Its Perfection everywhere.

The natural tendency of Life is Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, and Opulence,


Life cares not who uses It, but is constantly surging to pour more of Its Perfection

into manifestation, always with that lifting process which is ever inherent within


” I A M “

“I AM” is the Activity of “That Life.”