Connect directly to you Spirit Guides Every Day

My background is both Shaman and gypsy Druid, and decidely not New Age. In the process of reading the Element Tarot for 35 years I realized that they were a tool that connects anyone to their invisible Spirit Guides. Your guides want to help you in a positive way, and through the cards they sort of magically tell you what you need to hear, what they’ve been trying to tell you all along, but couldn’t get through. Now they can.


For the basic 1/2 hour reading; and then $30 for each additional 1/2 hour

I can do this reading with email. You would need to provide your place, date and time of birth, so I can include either a Human Design or Gene Keys profile. I will accept payment at with PayPal. It would be $30 for the basic reading all written out and if you wish for further details another $30.

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