Stories about

God & Love

Tashi Jones – Stories about God & Love is a collection of short stories, poetry, and essays, which he had compiled over the years. After experiencing the entire drama of the twins Kit and Kat Khang, the Middle Earth and Crystal Spheres, Tashi’s world view had changed. His thoughts and ideas about God and Love had drastically changed, and he felt compelled to write about it, at least share his thoughts in this book.



I might as well talk about God, and some indefinable concepts.

What the hell is God?

I’m not wishing to be sacrilegious or flippant. If I’m going to make the statement “God is Love,” then you should know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ll also say in this book to “Love your Self:” to love the God/Goddess that you are.”

What does that mean? God/Goddess?

My exploration into, search for, the truth/nature of God began at age of ten, I actually listened. Since I was officially half Anglo, and my biological father was Christian, my mother subjected me to a year of Christian catechism. I guess I didn’t mind the terrible nuns, since I was curious about God and religion back then. Maybe I was a born detective, a born investigative reporter. I never was an obedient little boy. When I would ask what was considered a disrespectful question, the authoritarian Shanghai Catholic nun would command, “Back there and face the wall, boy,” my response was to stay seated and ask, “Why?” I wanted clear logic. I probably thought, but couldn’t say, “What purpose will that serve?” In other words, please explain the reason for insulting my Divinity in my quest to seek truth. or at least for.

During that time, one Catholic proclamation got my attention: God is Everywhere. I wondered, even as a boy, Where is not Everywhere? Is Everywhere only in heaven? Or is Everywhere, Everywhere?

Everywhere, defined as omnipresent, together with all the other omni’s, would also include us, don’t you think? I had to conclude, even as a child, that this “God” they are telling me to pray to, is in me, and in every man and woman on earth. Maybe is me. How could this not be so?

Why would God have to go to the back of the class and face the walls?

The so-called Almighty God had to be in me 100%, had to be in every single cell, atom and molecule in my body, since a whole religion is based on the belief, possibly the truth, that God is Everywhere.

No almost or maybe everywhere: fucking Everywhere! Of course I couldn’t say fucking when I was ten. And if I did, to me they would be limiting the innocent play of a child. Really. I didn’t know what that word meant when I was ten. I was just a fun word, which sometimes made people squirm.

My inquiry into the truth of God (and Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and gurus) began a lifetime of investigative reporting. The result was that my being the Living Embodiment of God (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and the whole fucking lot of them) started making sense.

Okay – I’ll admit to a little bit of sacrilege. I’ve never stood on a pickle barrel and proclaimed that I was Jesus, not even close. But I did say that Jesus was Divine, and so am I. I was closing the gap. In China it’s easy to not talk about God, or even Buddha. But the Chinese government, beginning with Mao Tse Tung, should have known, “what your resist, persists.”

But I think Karl Marx and maybe even Mao Tse Tung knew that organized religion wants us to enroll in their schismatic theory; separating God from us lowly humans. Marx said the religion is the opiate of the people, while Mao saw it as a distraction from his rule, and what the people should really be doing: focusing on working for the collective good.

Communism couldn’t eradicate religion, and at the same time Christianity persisted. They taught that there is only One Almighty God, who is Everywhere, and that God is most certainly not you. (especially not you as a woman). Not Everywhere in you. It wasn’t that different than Communism.

My blasphemous logic also concludes that this Almighty omnipresent God is the Creator Goddess. Who is to say that the holder of omniscient power is some dude? I once wrote a story about God being a Cowgirl from Texas, but that’s beside the point. I’ve never been to Texas. Or heaven.

You may have guessed by now, the Big Enchilada in heaven story didn’t work for me. It just does not ring true. Even as a twenty year old, I wasn’t buying it. I wanted to know the truth, and to this end I became an inquisitor of all things holy. I made a statement:

I AM . . . THE GOD . . . THAT . . . I AM

After that, my intellectual and practical exploration of religion intensified. Hinduism was attractive to me for a shot while, since the Hindu’s said something about God being everywhere, something the Catholics wouldn’t stand behind.

“Namaste,” the Hindu’s said, “I bow to the God within you” Wow! They do acknowledge that God is in me. Later I realized that this is why this popular guru Sai Baba could proclaim to the world “I am God.”

As I think about Love and God, I wonder why I put any energy into separating myself from one or the other. Especially when my life is all about uniting the two: seeing no separation.

Usually the separation occurs in my reaction to a personality. I was thinking that we’re never quite sure who that other person really is. Our worst enemy could be our greatest teacher. If this is true, would not that person also be considered one of our greatest friends?

How people appear is a great illusion. If we are all God, that is, if God is everywhere, then God is everywhere in us; in all of us. So the illusion, the ‘official religion story’ is the lie that I am, you are, not a God or Goddess, when in reality that is the ultimate truth of our being.

The criminal and mad man, the drug addict, and child molester, the zealot follower of a demonic cult, the very hateful person, devoid of love – how are they a God or Goddess?

If we were to imagine One God, split up into seven billion parts, as humans populating the earth, why would some of these particles be rotten, dangerous and deadly, doing disgusting and despicable acts. Why?

This is the argument against God being everywhere, in everything, and my contention that all there is, is love.

The truth is, actually, we don’t know the whole story about anyone. We simple don’t have enough information to judge another. We would have to know Everything about this and every other lifetime of that person, in order to have an accurate knowing, enough information to judge.

But in each and every case, (besides true mental illness) behavior has a root in love, or the lack of it. A child is conceived in love, or not. A child is raised with love, or not. A teenager, and adult is honored, loved and respected, or not. The ‘or not’ is the source cause of all the problems in the world.

Imagine a couple in love: he thinking that she is the Divine Goddess, she thinking he the Divine God, all the time. Each act of lovemaking is the merging of Divine Energies. They decide to create a God. Every moment of making love is devoted to bringing a God Child into the world. Her pregnancy is dedicated to the God within. And when the child is born, he or she is recognized as God Incarnate: and nurtured as such.

Imagine that.

Then in this discussion regarding Love and God, we can speak of “Being the God That I AM,” regardless if we had that special Creating a God beginning or not.

It’s a conscious choice.

In Hindu mythology Ram, or Rama, is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. An avatar is the incarnation of the Supreme Being, or God, on earth. Most of the avatars are associated with Vishnu, who is the Preserver of the Universe. He is one of three Hindu divine deities, or Gods. The other two are Brahma and Shiva.

My “I AM the God That I AM” declaration was about not holding these deities as lofty entities, separate and distinct from us “mere mortals.” In other words, to realize that each of us is an Avatar, the incarnation of the Supreme Energy, which is Love. I am not a Hindu. I’m someone who stops alongside the road and smells the roses. I knock on the doors of the saints and masters, and ask to be invited in. What they tell me is always the same: You are Love. You are the God whom you are seeking.

Imagine any enlightened master, Jesus or Buddha and on down the line, speaking to you directly, urging you to apply their attributes within your capabilities, for you to realize that you are indeed an Avatar.

If all begins with Self Love.

Putting on the Hindu hat, I’ll . . .

– Allow VISHNU to remind me to preserve all that is good and holy: to remain stable and focused, to take care of, and guard all that is good. To ground myself: so abundance will come my way.

– Allow BRAHMA, the creative force of God, to excite me and inspire me in the process of manifestation. I will take the thought of Brahma birthing a world, into being the God of my creation, my dream, as I birth it.

– Allow SHIVA to destroy all my illusions, to remove all barriers and negativity, while I spiritually purify myself, and create a new reality.