The Crystal Women

15. The Crystal Women . Thirteen thousand years ago the Kipa, a hand-sized power object, was stolen from the Ki Earth, a central planet surrounded by four moon planets. The Ki Earth and each moon was represented by a “Crystal Woman.” These women were able to morph their bodies down into the form of a crystal gem which, when placed on the Kipa, would energize/sustain them. The Kipa was not only vital to their lives and personal power, it was needed to stabilize the geometric energy grid , which kept the Ki Earth system in harmonic planetary orbit.

In an effort to retrieve the stolen Kipa from the thief, Ru Azul from the planet M’tajik, the five women created a duplicate earth, our earth: the Ku Earth, as a trade for the Kipa. Ru Azul could rule this illusional world, and the Ki Earth could return to peace. While off planet negotiating the trade, they closed the portal to the Ki Earth, convince the trade would go through. When it didn’t, and now without the Kipa to re-energize them, the Crystal Women no longer had the power to re-open the portal. They were trapped on the illusionary Ku Earth.

The story of The Crystal Masks has everything to do with two immortal brothers, the Twins of Kashal. They commanded the space ship which had originally transported the M’tajakian people, and their leader, the thief Ru Azul, to the Ki Earth, to their new home in the Middle Earth. They never made it. All of them were trapped on the Ku Earth: the M’tajakian in the Ku Earth Middle Earth .

The Twins of Kashal took it upon themselves to find the Kipa, and return the Crystal Women to the Ki Earth. They eventually recovered the Kipa, but were unable to convince the Crystal Women of their good intentions. Over the millennia the brothers came to realize that only native twins from Mu, a continent on the Ki Earth, resonating at their frequency, could negotiate bringing the Kipa and the five Crystal woman together, and return them all to the Ki Earth. Since the entrance to the Ki Earth was “permanently” closed, and no native children could possibly be born, it appeared to be an impossible situation. Thus 13,000 years went by with no solution.

In order to sustain their existence, the Crystal Women morphed down into Crystal Masks, and hid in sacred places in line from Kauai to Western Tibet.


Purple Mask – Kauai, Hawaii – Crystal Cave – Air Moon


Red Mask – Xian, China – Pyramid – Fire Moon


Clear Mask – Western Tibet – Pyramid – Crystal Moon


Green Mask – Middle Earth, Shanghai, China – Ki Earth


Blue Mask – Mid-Pacific – Pyramid – Water Moon