If you’re interested in my novels, I invite you to contact me through email:


It’s quite possible that my books will become best sellers or a TV series.

Here is how you can help

1. I’m seeking readers. If you love reading new fiction, have seen one of my 16 books you like, please contact me. I will pdf the book to you for free, in exchange for finding typos and offering constructive advice. If all goes well, your name will be in the book. Best to start with Book One.

2. I’m seeking a motivated Marketing Maverick who will work with me in creating an effective Marketing Strategy, for Self Publishing: a strategy which will generate a very large return on a relatively small investment: someone who wants to become a part of this fantastic world I’ve created. We can discuss how to generate a large passive income:  You’re invited to contact me any time, or visit me in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  66-091-307-7825

3. If you are involved in the TV or Movie Industry, I’d love to talk about how my stories would be hits on either screen. They are character rich and compelling stories.

4. If you like this website and want more information about building professional WordPress websites, please contact: alanallison@hotmail.com

5. If you’re interested in coming to Chiang Mai, Thailand, please visit my site www.zenhouse4.com. I provide accommodations and healing modalities.