Today I spent many hours working on the first two chapters of Book #6, tentatively titled Death of the Bad Seed. I love what I wrote. In the late afternoon I went to visit my Thai American Indian Artist Paradorn, who looks like a real Indian, with all his turquoise jewelry and long hair, but is all Thai. I approved of his Taylor Banks cover sketch.

I had dinner at the UK Pub with my old friend Rich Heart Wonder. Among other things we talked about the Ajna Light. I am actually a distributor for this amazing device which stimulates our Pineal Gland. If you want to know more about the Ajna Light click here:

The drawing is a sketch I did to give to my artist. After my years in Thailand I’ve found that it works out so much better when I give explicit detailed instructions of what I want. Speaking Thai is also helpful, although in this case my artist Paradorn speaks English.

The other photo was taken during an Ajna Light session in my home last year.

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