The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading for May 8, 2020


VEHICLE (R) Elements Tarot – “Using a specific idea or resource to focalize and direct energy to empower and influence connected elements. A thought held clearly in focus. Focal point.”

COMPARISON (Osho Zen Tarot)  “The way to find out who you are is not by comparing yourself with others, but by looking to see whether you are fulfilling you own potential in the best way you know how.”

“Nobody is higher and nobody is lower, nobody is superior, nobody inferior. Everybody is incomparably unique.”

TWO OF EARTH (Good Tarot) – Pleasurable work, adaptability, balance between work and play.

My efforts bring me joy. Play and work are not separate, because what I am doing is actually fun. If conditions change, I can switch gears easily. I am present in the excitement of creativity and am eager to experience the surprises that occur when seeds I have planted take root, sprout and develop in unexpected ways. This is a time for flexibility and trust in how the universe will shape what is coming into being. One way or another, my dreams with manifest in the material world.

SET YOUR INTENTION (from Judith Orloff)

“I know that opinions are subjective. I won’t give too much credence to other people’s opinions unless they offer some wisdom I’d like to apply.”

Even with what you read here – take what is of value to you and then say “Thanks for sharing,” and let whatever doesn’t ring true go.



Personal sharing by the Highway Shaman


I have been thinking about the power of prayer. I’m fascinated by the little answers. Like each morning I shuffle my cards and ask for the “Highest Thought” for the day. Each and every morning I’m so pleased with the answer to that tiny prayer. For instance, the Elements card I pulled this morning = Vehicle re. how prayers are answered. I’ll talk about that . . .

I’ve found that the answer to my prayers comes from having “No Doubt.” I have no doubt that each morning the tarot reading is perfect; it’s a simple innocent thing I do. And it goes well beyond that. Any prayer with a pure and innocent intention, as opposed to a “needy” prayer, inevitably works.  For instance, on March 19th, 2020, as the shutdown was beginning, I was living near downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My rent was due that very day, but with the lockdown I knew Cabo wasn’t the place for me to be. I wasn’t in fear; I simply would rather be in a gated place outside of a big city. So, my prayer was to be guided to the right place to ride out this storm. It wasn’t a needy prayer. I had no idea where that “better place” would be or how I could get there. I had a choice to either pay the Cabo apartment rent or move out. But to where?  Price was a factor. Only a miracle would get me out of the city in one day. (to a house in the country, in a gated compound, for under $700 a month)

When I went to pay my rent and stay in Cabo, the landlord told me her renter in Todos Santos (where I always wanted to live) unexpectedly left the day before, and I could move in for $650 a month. It was Friday and I could move in on Sunday, and my son had a ticket to leave Mexico on Monday. A miracle with perfect timing.

The “Vehicle” (below) with an unrealistic dream – that the perfect house for me to be isolated in for several months would just appear out of the blue. I love it here and have had so much fun writing, making jewelry and drawing, which is my retirement work. And with the Judith Orloff passage: it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks – My Life is the answer to My Prayers, just as yours is. I pray that this day finds you happy and fulfilled and that your dream has or is coming true.




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