The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading

for May 19, 2020


I have a routine every morning which helps me remember who I really am. I ask for the wise advise of my ever-present Spirit Guides; for the “highest thought.” With 40 years of experience as a Tarot Reader, I randomly pull one card each from my favorite three decks, The Elements Tarot, The Osho Zen Tarot and The Good Tarot. I take the written meanings of each card (below) and allow a composite to flow through.

This reading is not just for me. I’ve asked it to be for anyone who reads this:




This challenging time is encased in a Silver Lining.

When something old dies, something better is born.

When something used is taken away, something new is given.

When we Let Go, we are given wings to fly. 

As we sweep the floor of what we think we “know;”

Our serious considerations which causes stress and dis-ease;

Our old ways of thinking,

A new truth arises and surprises us.

With innocence we watch in wonder.

Welcoming in and accepting

A Divine Gift;

Something beyond what we had ever imaged.

Elements Tarot:

THE LAST: The final stage of a project or process. Completion. Coming to an end. What remains after the completion of something. Personal value obtained. 

REVERSED: Resistance to letting go of some thing that is completed. Holding on to the familiar. Resisting change. 

Osho Zen Tarot

INNOCENCE: Zen says if you drop knowledge – and within knowledge everything is included, your name, your identity, everything, because this has been given to you by others – if you drop all that has been given by others, you will have a totally different quality of your being – innocence. This will be the cruxifixction of the persona, the personality, and there will be a resurrection of your innocence; you will become a child again, reborn.

“The innocence of a life lived fully has a quality of wisdom and acceptance of the ever-changing wonder of life.”

The Good Tarot

THREE OF AIR: Silver linings, natural departures.

“What is truly mine can never be withheld from me. Rejection is Spirit’s protection. It is in my best interest to let go, and allow for something better to take its place. It is my highest good to see the truth regardless of my temporary discomfort. This too shall pass.”

This drawing is by David Dakan Allison

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