The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading

for May 23, 2020


The Zen card says it perfecly. It’s time of COMPLETION; to let go of the old and celebrate the new.  Find your family, those who share a compatible frequency with you, and make magic together.


The Elements Tarot:

BRANCHING OUT: Expanding your influence socially, spiritually or financially. Developing outlets through which your abilities can be expressed. 

REVERSED: Building a crystal or core of energy for a desired outcome prior to undertaking physical steps towards its accomplishment.

Osho Zen Tarot:


“Whatever has been absorbing your time and energy is now coming to an end. In completing it, you will be clearing the space for something new to begin. Use this interval to celebrate both – the end of the old and the coming of the new.”

The Good Tarot:

FOUR OF FIRE – A new creative phase, celebration, pleasure and harmony in relationships.

“Dancers have partners, singers have musicians helping them create sweet music, and I find others who are in sync with me and my desires.  It’s a time for celebrating friendships and all that others bring to life, a time for revelry and relishing the pleasure of being in good company. Making magic with others is the focus at this time.




We are multi-dimensional beings. This is the time of awakening, of choosing. Do I want to go back to living in the 3rd dimension of struggle and pain, or rise up into the 5th dimension; a new frequency of love, abundance and happiness?

I could have said, “How to live your life in peace and harmony without getting totally sucked into the bullshit of the world out there.” That would take some explaining. Anyway, the point is, Zen is all about living in peace, harmony and happiness, in this Here and Now moment. There is a journey to this Zen Place or peace, love and happiness, and it begins with letting go.

So I am someone who is standing in the path, pointing to way to live life in the most positive and healthy way possible. 

Imagine yourself floating down a peaceful river on a lovely sunny day, minding your own business, wanting to be away from all your problems.  Doing your very best to not have a care in the world. Suddenly the current increases and you’re about to crash into a huge boulder. You jump up and paddle like crazy, to avoid the crash. Whew. You settle back down, and then five minutes later another obstacle pops up, then another, one after another,. You’re caught in the rapids, and its ruined your peaceful day. 

The obstacles of everyday life are everywhere. The world is filled with endless drama, which is very hard to avoid, and is stressful. You have to deal with problems at work and at home. Problems with the wife and kids and neighbors and in-laws. Problems with your health. Your peace of mind is distracted with politics, religion, sports, disturbing movies, unfulfilled desires, illness, and the damn cat, or the rats in at attic. It all adds up. Dealing with these obstacles takes a tremendous amount of your time and energy. Most people feel stuck, drained, and don’t know what to do about all these damn frustrating obstacles, which over-shadows the happiness they seek.

A “normal” 3D life is one of constant reaction to distraction. Eventually we get fed up with the bullshit, transform and evolve, or die.

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