The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading

for May 29, 2020


Each and every day of our lives can be magical. I say this because as we observe a lockdown and riots and all the nutty 3rd dimensional happenings, the 5th dimension of love and abundance is simultaneously happening. It’s is merely a choice of where we choose to be, what frequency we choose to resonate at. This morning like every morning I draw one card from each of my Tarot decks, The Elements, Osho Zen and the Good Tarot. The cards today are totally inspiring. And yet, before I actually read the cards, I wrote the essay about Paris which I’ve posted in this blog. It was like I was pre-approved to write the essay.




HEIGHT: Attainment. Wisdom. Success. Action directed by inner guidance.

REVERSED: Fear of failure. Aspiring for success while maintaining a limiting self image. Self doubt.


Only if your meditation has brought you a light that shines in every night will even death not be a death to you but a door to the divine. With the light in you heart, death itself is transformed into a door, and you enter into the universal spirit; you become one with the ocean. And unless you know the oceanic experience, you have lived in vain. Now is always the time, and the fruit is always ripe. You need to gather courage to enter into your inner forest. The fruit is always ripe and the time is always the right time. There is no such thing as wrong time.

“When this card appears in a reading it indicates that you are ready to share your inner riches, your ‘juice.’ All you need to do is relax right where you are, and be willing for it to happen This sharing of yourself, this expression of your creativity, can come in many ways – in your work, your relationships, your everyday life experiences. No special preparation or effort on your part is required. It is simply the right time.”


Compassion, emotional security, generosity, self-love and self-care, healer.

“I am comfortable in my own skin. I love, cherish and nurture myself. I am the best friend to myself. My relationship with others reflect my security in knowing I am always worthy of love and respect. I heal myself so I can be the change I want to see in the world and so my compassion can inspire others.”


I’m considering changing my format; to start with my Highway Shaman Story, and then my reading. Let’s see how it works here:


Highway Shaman Story # 1


I decided to write a book about Zen five years ago. Before I proclaimed or dared to proclaim any label. I was just this old dude. Who kept wondering when the “you’re a Shaman, go be it,” would show up.

I was sitting in a cafe in Paris . . . it had to be Paris. No where else compares. I was wearing a black beret, later realizing I was the only man in Paris who wore that sort of hat. I didn’t care. I felt French. Sitting at a little two-top, in some side alley, sipping my cafe latte, just me and my beret, perfect October day, table on the sidewalk . . . with the perfect croissant, butter and jam. French locals with their cafe lattes on each side of me, watching other proud Parisians in expression moving about, walking up and down the alley, sun peaking through, no cars; vegetable stands, bakeries which can’t be ignored, chocolate shops . . . beautiful young women strolling by, smoking cigarettes – old men like me thinking about what if, of days gone by, of wine and pretty girls, in a three hundred-year-old room above us; in Paris. Each of my ten days were ripe with new birthing’s; juiciness in each moment, just being there, sipping the latte, the women, the smells, the lyrical French words; breathing in Paris, realizing . . . this is Zen. I should write a book about it!

And still you’ll wonder . . .  Why Zen? After what I just wrote, my eyes cross with that question and I have to say . . . “Can’t you see? Zen is Life . . . the meaning of Life.”  I pause for a very long Zen moment, “What was the question?”

Zen only has the meaning you give it.

Sitting on that simple wooden chair, in front of that tiny table, in that alley in Pairs, there was no place in the whole world I would rather be. There was nothing more I wanted, nothing I lacked, no other desires. The white apron’d waiter was there at the very moment I thought him to be, “Une latte, merci,” I said in my best French accent, from Google translator. And in the next moment, there it was; my latte. I loved being there alone. I didn’t want to be bothered by the girl, or that  American tourist a couple tables down, who was so obvious American. Wearing my beret, I was French. I was living in Paris for Christ’s sake, in a fifth floor walkup. There was no time. I could sit at that sidewalk table dawn to dusk and no one would tell me to leave. I owned that table, that sidewalk, that alley, that section of Paris. I was alive there, in every single moment which passed me by, until I thought, “What’s next?”

My days in Paris had no rhyme or reason to them. There was nothing I needed to find or figure out, really nothing to plan out, no one thing I really needed to see, not even the Louvre or the Seine or the Arch de Triumph. Notre Dame of course, but no hurry. Each moment I sat there I felt as though I could live and die in that alley with my cafe latte, or a glass of French Chardonnay, a cheese baguette for lunch and some grilled fish and Brussel Spouts for dinner, more wine, the whole fucking bottle, why not? I was the only old guy on the street wearing a beret . . . in Paris . . . living each moment of each day with total sensitivity and lack of sense, nonsense, all at once.

How more irrationally exciting can a life be? To be aware of, immersed in, the nonsense of life, and that’s okay.

We live in a rational world, where we strive to make sense out of everything, even while on vacation. People at leisure fill their schedule with things to do, different but the same as how they schedule their working days. All planned out, Why? What’s the point of not doing if you bring your doing with you?

Zen is all about being, about throwing that fucking schedule out the window on the way to the airport. It’s about embracing your every opportunity to be Free. Zen dwells in a state of consciousness beyond accomplishment, beyond thinking, void of theology and religion, flipping the finger at dogma and “should be/do” philosophies. It is the acceptance and enjoyment of the natural flow of life.

This Zen moment hopefully makes no sense.

In these pages I will point you to the void, and invite you to hang out there. Sit with me at that little table; the other seat is waiting. The latte is tres delicieux, very delicious, the croissant will melt in your mouth. It is this moment, I will be sharing with you. This moment, and then this moment. Always a new story to tell.

Possibly helping you to remember what you maybe never learned but should never forget.

This book is where the Shaman you can’t find will answer your question, “Where can I find what I never knew I’ve been looking for?” ”It’s right here,” I tell you. “Put on your beret and sit with me, if you will.”



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