The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading

for May 31, 2020


Today’s reading was fascinating. I woke up disorientated. When I pulled the Elements card it was BLOCK. I thought it was about my not being ready for the reading because of the disorientation, so I spent time outside, had breakfast and coffee, centered myself, shuffled the deck and pulled another card. It was BLOCK again. With 108 cards the chances of twice in one day are pretty slim. My Spirit guides wanted me to pay attention.

So what has changed? What’s blocking me and with N0-THINGNESS, what is the sacred thing which is about to be born? I know what it is but haven’t wanted to talk about it. I’ve never had very much money my whole life. I got an inheritance at age 64 but it was enough to be frugal with until it ran out this year. I’ve lived well below the poverty level and finally reconciled that I can live in Mexico on $10,000 a year retirement. That’s around $850 a month. Right now I have a great home and plenty of food and I’m doing fine with what I have. 

I’ve had this notion my whole life that once I let go of needing money, it will probably arrive. Well, this past month I’ve stopped being needy.  I had to leave Thailand in March 2019 because I didn’t have enough money to live there. I returned to find out that I didn’t have enough money to live in the USA either. All my life I’ve been needy, but once here in Mexico I realized that I had all I needed. Besides food there is nothing I need to buy.  So what has changed?

My attorney wrote me two days ago and said he was demanding an insurance settlement in my favor for which I would be paid half a million dollars. I have no idea what the final amount will be, but I’m sure it will be more money than I’ve ever had in my life. 

The reading is telling me to not be blocked or stuck on some idea . . . like, I really don’t need the money or how will a shit olad of money change my Highway Shaman Zen life?  So the QuEEN OF FIRE appears and tells me to not worry. I will always be the Artist and a 5th Dimensional Man, and I’ll let spirit flow through me and inspire me to express my passion.

Maybe now I can open my long dreamed of Art Gallery.




The Elements Tarot:

BLOCK: Something that stops or hinders a natural flow or tendency. Stuckness, hard ness, inflexibility. Stress, dis-ease. 

REVERSED: Focusing on problems or negativity.

The Osho Zen Tarot:

NO-THINGNESS (The Hierophant): Nothingness to nothingness is the whole journey.

“Being ‘in the gap’ can be disorienting and even scary. Nothing to hold on to, no sense of direction, not even a hint of what choices and possibilities might be ahead. But it was just this of potential that existed before the universe was created. All you can do now is relax into the nothingness . . . fall into this silence between the words . . . watch their gap between the outgoing and incoming breath. And treasure each empty moment of the experience. Something sacred is about to be born.”

The Good Tarot:

QUEEN OF FIRE – Creative collaborations, soul connections, passion inspired by spirit. Artist

“I am capable of strong friendships which inspire me and encourage me to express myself in my own way. I co-create with others, dedicated to a vision of achieving the highest good of all. How might I join the dance of co-creation, letting spirit flow through me and inspire me to express my passion.”


“ I prefer to operate with an ethics of abundance. There is plenty of space for everyone, and plenty of room to grow in the ways that matter (not in the overconsumption of material resources, but in the sharing of ideas and creative endeavours). Sharing my learning may help others learn, which contributes to the kind of abundance I want for our community and the world. I am uninterested in growth or success that does not uplift others alongside myself.”
Jacqueline Cieslak

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