The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading

for June 2, 2020


Today I was disturbed by the civil war which is taking place in American cities. I’m frustrated because the President was in a no win situation. If he did nothing to stop the riots they would damn him and if he did something, call on the military, they would damn him. Seeking knowledge led me to greater understanding of the political left, the Deep State, and the right Alliance, led by the President. And it all seems like a bad dream to me. I pulled Student two days in a row, which indicated I was stuck. What are my Spirit Guides telling me? To go Beyond the Illusion; to look inside and doubt my studied opinions. The Eight of Water tells me to let my mind go and seek the deeper meaning. What is the meaning of all this chaos as we enter the 5th Dimension of Love and Understanding, peace and harmony for all?



The Elements Tarot:

THE STUDENT: Eagerness to learn. Avidly seeking knowledge. Desire for growth. 

REVERSED: Developing the mind. Study, research.

Osho Zen Tarot:

BEYOND ILLUSION (Judgment) –  This is the only distinction between the dream and the real: reality allows you to doubt, and the dream does not allow you to doubt. The capacity to doubt is one of the greatest blessings to humanity.

“This card reminds us to not look outside for what is real, but to look within. Drop your opinionated mind and move within. There, you can relax into your own deepest truth, where the difference between dream and reality is already known.”

The Good Tarot:

EIGHT OF WATER – Journey of discovery, letting go and seeking a deeper meaning and greater authenticity, beyond superficiality.

“All that glitters isn’t gold, and I know that I always deserve authentic riches, the gold that fills me with joy, abundance and understanding. I fearlessly pause to reexamine where I have been, where I am, and where I might go. Now I consciously choose the path that is right for me instead of the one that seems likely to draw  me into it – or the one I think I ought to walk. I am true to my heart. I’ve come as far as I can, and I leave by the wayside the last vestiges of illusion, the last bits of fear and shame. I will no longer hold on to what isn’t right for me.”




The real question is, where is my teacher, my guru, my master, my shaman, the one who will help me to open my mind, my heart, and change my life?

If you are seeking a shaman, you’ll wonder if you must take that lonely journey through the scorching desert, to the dilapidated shack in rural Mexico, to find this very old wise man named Don Miguel, or some name along those lines. Only to find out when you think the guy has to be the shaman, he will tell you he’s not him.

What the hell?

The Master will tell you that you must stop looking in order to find what you’re looking for.

Maybe the shaman is that guy in the cafe. Right there. The old dude who has always been here. Maybe you were too busy in your fantasy dream world to see what was right in front of your nose.

I’ve gone down that road. I’ve looked here and looked there. Always wondering where my teacher was. Before I realized he was even closer than right in front of my nose.

The problem I had, most seekers have, is they’re chasing after a form. A packaged idol.

A true Master is formless. Never what you expected. He’s not wearing a costume. Not dressed all in white or saffron. He doesn’t display layers of crystal necklaces or bones. He may or may not be barefooted. The hair may be long or it may be short. There is no soapbox or flaunted tell-tale charismatic air about him. The he may be a she. 

Since the form isn’t what you expect, you’re most likely not attracted to this person. But somehow are. Maybe you have an impulse to walk over and say hello, but something tells you to respect his space.

He, this shaman, possibly your teacher, your guide, does not advertise in public. You may never know if he is who he or she doesn’t claim to be. It’s okay to ask if that curious person is willing to be disturbed. That would have worked.

She just sits there and waits to be seen, or not. To be invited into a meeting, or not. The master or shaman may show up when you’re ready, or not. Maybe you don’t even need this person. Maybe you are this person.

Either way . . .

Be willing to be surprised with her disguise . . . her cloak of humanity.

Beautiful or homely, she is secure in her world, in her body, in her knowing. She doesn’t need you.

Enter his space, if you will, if the wave of energy moves you to, and he will be whoever you want him to be. If it serves the movement. The moment. 

She will point to your heart. She may ask you where you want to go, and follow you, if that’s what you want. She has no desire to be followed.

No desire . . . to prove his inner-knowing; his enlightenment; his presence; his inner glow. You see it, or you don’t. The shaman doesn’t care.

I true shaman will seeYou as the shaman, the one he has finally found. You, a shaman wanting, ready . . . to come out, to remember.

He or she, us together, we can teach the world that there is no hierarchy in the freedom of Self-expression; we can teach the world to remember that we are all creator gods and goddesses. One heart entwined, creating love.

How can you find the wise shaman? Begin by looking in the mirror.

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