“Love is all there is” fired and painted by Dakan


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 16, 2020


I love this reading. I always love when the CREATIVITY card shows up. The Osho card was RESOLUTION, reminding me/us to use my/our “inner resources.” That our whole life becomes a prayer when we find “our truth within.” I do this by seeking daily wisdom with these Spirit Guide readings, which is all about sitting here, going within, and asking for inner guidance, which has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside of My Self. Because I “go within” I can “pause and acknowledge all I co-created, and I do it joyfully.”




The Elements Tarot: RESOLUTION: 

Creating peace and stability by developing new or manifesting dormant abilities, approaches or resources. Using inner resources. 

REVERSED: Bringing wholeness and peace to an unstable situation with the aid of spiritual forces. Inner work, prayer.

Osho Zen Tarot: CREATIVITY (The Empress)

If you have found the truth within yourself there is nothing more in the whole existence to find. When you are cured, you throw away the meditation, you throw away the medicine. Then you live as truth – alive, radiant, contented, blissful, a song unto yourself. Your whole life becomes a prayer without any words, or better to say a playfulness, a grace, a beauty which does not belong to our mundane world, a ray of light coming from the beyond into the darkness of our world.

“There are times in our lives when too many voices seem to be pulling us this way and that. Our very confusion in such situations is a reminder to seek silence and centering within. Only then are we able to hear our truth.”

The Good Tarot: NINE OF WATER – Dreams come true, wishes fulfilled, completion, enjoyment, contentment, achievement of desire.

“It is right to say no to what isn’t right for me, and now is my time to experience wishes fulfilled, and sweet harvest that came about from seeds I planted. I drink in the aroma of successful endeavor, take pride in my hard work and achievement, and savor the satisfaction of a job well done. I deserve to pause and acknowledge all I co-created, and I do it joyfully.”



I love writing about the full spectrum of LOVE. Self love. Romantic love. Sexual love. Casual love. Friendship love. Subjective love. Life Passion love. Spiritual love. Universal love. Earth love and so on. Lots to love out there to choose from.

Love, love, love, love is just about the most misunderstood word there is. Every time the word is thrown out, it is subject to the interpretation of the listener, who may have an entirely different definition of love, than the speaker. 

Love is the best thing happening on this planet. Always was, always will be. It’s an infinitely expandable treasure to share.

To most people, love is a limited concept. They love within their definition, i.e. one of the above. I don’t do that. My love bunches them all together. My love for you is about loving myself, it’s romantic, sexual, casual, friendly, specific, part of my life passion, universal, spiritual and definitely grounded in Mother Earth.

Well, that can be pretty confusing if the gal just wants to be your friend. But how can I separate love? How can I love her less than my beloved when she indeed is an aspect of my beloved, or less than I love God when she is an aspect of God, less than I love the earth, since she is the daughter of Mother Earth, or less my teddy bear, when she is so adorable? How can I hold back love if I’m full of it?

Love is related to the degree in which one loves themselves. I won’t pretend to love anyone or anything less than I love myself. And that’s big.

The more you love yourself, the easier it is to love everyone and everything. 

The problem with humans is that we judge. We’re judgment machines. Judgment is separation. We say I love this, I don’t love that. I love dogs, I hate cats. I love America/ns. I hate Russia/ns, and so on. It’s easy to love what makes us feel good: a kitten, your kids, a flower, a field of flowers, the person who found a place in your heart. The bigger the list, the better. I see this as positive love; a good choice.

I’m all for good choices. I’m all for choosing love in any form, in all forms.

Gandhi, Jesus, and all the high saints and masters who taught love, loved just about everyone and everything.

They also taught that you can love “everyone,” but not approve of what individual people choose to do. Those who choose fear and hate, control and abuse of power, over love and acceptance, freedom and allowing. 

They didn’t approve of the destructive, fear-filled, hurtful and hateful behavior of certain people or groups of people.

Regardless, they taught that All people, All life, deserves love.

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