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The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for July 23, 2020


Humans are complex creatures. Inevitable, we are slaves to however we were programmed. As a life-long student of Self-Realization and a shaman, I’ve tried my upmost to hedge the bet on inevitability. To deprogram. To be less complex. Zen. The ironic puzzle revolves around taking on knowledge in order to let it go. So I’ve been a dedicated inquisitive thinker – a truth seeker. I’ve studied all the religions, political philosophies, psychologies, history, health and wellness factors – not looking to take a side, only to allow myself to feel that which resonates as truth. Science and statistics are good indicators, as long as they are accurate. I’m writing this because I keep drawing the Elements card HESITATION – Holding back, uncertainty. Not owning your power. And today I drew a second card CHRIST reversed – unwillingness to accept negative aspects in oneself. Followed by PROJECTIONS, that is – am I honestly and completely dropping the mind – telling my complete truth, or am I lost in projections, the inevitable game of delusion. Whew. 

I want to share what I know, but if the other isn’t asking the question, wanting to hear what I have to say, it sounds like I’m talking down. This is not my intention, so I hesitate, and don’t share, don’t own my power in thoughts of possible rejection. I don’t like this about myself.

Wisdom can be a heavy cross to bear. It’s so easy to fall into ego, “I know this from years of study, and you don’t, because your answer is programmed.”  The proposal that I’m smart and you’re not, is a projection, a doubt of one’s, my intelligence.  A truly self assured man or woman would think or say, “I’m wise in my way, and you’re wise in your way.” And leave it at that. This reminds me to refrain from judgment, to allow others to think for themselves, to make their mistakes, have their corrections, and live their lives as they may. 

Most fascinating in this reading is that I drew the SEVEN OF WATER with both the Osho Tarot and the Good Tarot. The first tells me to clean up my vision and the other says now is the time to tune in to the infinite possibilities that exist – and begin to play with them. Being lost in judgments and projections is always “in the way” of dreams. By letting go of what the other is doing, thinking or saying,  my power is unleashed for my dreams and creative imitations and boundaries give way to manifestation. 




The Elements Tarot: HESITATION: Holding back, uncertainty. Not owning your power. Constriction in the power chakra.

CHRIST: Selfless service from a context of truth and dispassion. Forgiveness. Presence of Christ. Humility. 

REVERSED: Unwillingness to accept negative aspects in oneself.

Osho Zen Tarot: 7 of Water – PROJECTIONS

The only way to reach to truth is to learn how to be immediate in your vision, how to drop the help of the mind. This agency of the mind is the problem, because mind can create only dreams. Through your excitement the dream starts looking like reality. If you are too excited then you are intoxicated, then you are not in your senses. Then whatsoever you see is just your projection. And there are as many worlds as there are minds, because every mind lives in his own world.

“All of us can get caught up in projecting movies of our own making onto the situations and people surrounding us. It happens when we are not fully aware of our own expectations, desires and judgments – instead of taking responsibility for them and owning them, we try to attribute them to others. A projection can be devilish or divine, disturbing or comforting, but it is a projection nonetheless – a cloud that prevents us from seeing reality as it is. The only way out is to recognize the game. When you find a judgment arising about another, turn it around – does what you see in others really belong to you? Is your vision clear, or clouded by what you want to see?”

The Good Tarot  SEVEN OF WATER – Imagination, fantasy, artistic endeavors, co-creative abilities unleashed.

“Now is the time to tune in to the infinite possibilities that exist and begin to play with them. Everything begins in the world of imagination, and I seize the opportunity to dream. I allow my intuition and desire to blend in an alchemical way, forming something new. Castles in the air can become castles on the ground when I release rigidity, bend the rules, and remain flexible and open. Limitations and boundaries give way to manifestation. Spirit never doubts the power of possibility, and neither will I!”

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