Tile in my Todos Santos kitchen


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for July 25, 2020


It was appropriate that I pulled the PRESENCE card. This moring I broke a habit. Instead of doing my reading first thing, I went to town and had a latte. Took the time to sit streetside and enjoy the pueblo town ambiance. Then I went to my nephews land and built another five feet long by one foot high rock and cement wall. I now have 30 feet x four feet of garden planter boxes, only because I show up and do it, with no need of reward. He’ll be surprised. Back home, I took a nap and sat in the sun and at four pm I did this reading. My computer is on my dining table next to the kitchen and this wonderful tile scene is above the stove. I’ve allowed this day to be – however it wants to be. Today I’ve made no COMPARISON with one thing or another. Yesterday the question “Who are you?” came up. The comparison card tells me that the way to find out who I am is not by comparing myself with others, but by looking to see whether I am fulfilling my own potential in the best way I know how. A few weeks ago I make one slate bonsai cactus planter. I now I have 26 finished. Before that I made 40 necklaces. I don’t know if I’ll ever sell any of these things. The FIVE OF FIRE reminds me to honor my creative expression, not to get into COMPARISON, to simply be PRESENT with my art. Who reads my blogs? Or my 12 books? No one. Maybe someday all my wild creations willl be seen as brilliant. Maybe not because like Osho says, ” it doesn’t matter – you are yourself. You are needed.”  I am incomparably unique.




The Elements Tarot: PRESENCE: 

Delicate Groundedness to all levels of your environment. Clear minded ness. Being in the moment. Connection with the spiritual self. 

REVERSED: Bringing the mind and emotions into the present. Awareness of thoughts and feelings as they surface without repressing or judging them.

Osho Zen Tarot: 5 of Clouds –  COMPARISON:

Comparison brings inferiority, superiority. When you don’t compare, all inferiority, all superiority, disappear. Then you are, you are simply there. A small bush or a big tree – it doesn’t matter – you are yourself. You are needed. A grass leaf is needed as much as the biggest star. Without the grass leaf God will be less than he is. The sound of the cuckoo is needed as much as any Buddha – the world will be less, will be less rich if this cuckoo disappears. Just look around. All is needed, and everything fits together. It is an organic unity – Nobody is higher and nobody is lower, nobody is superior, nobody inferior. Everybody is incomparably unique.”

“The way to find out who you are is not by comparing yourself with others, but by looking to see whether you are fulfilling you own potential in the best way you know how.”

The Good Tarot  FIVE OF FIRE:  Creative brainstorming; unity in diversity, honoring differences.

“I have the freedom to explore the ideas that seem most far-fetched. What seems crazy today proves tomorrow to be brilliant. Like a child willing to stretch her imagination when a new playmate comes into the garden, I open to new people and ideas, intrigued by what is novel and unfamiliar. This is a time for what is counterintuitive, for appreciating the ideas from far out in left field and what they might offer.”

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