My only friend comes by most days and hangs out for an hour or two. He has one blue eye and one brown. Very sweet.

Don’t know his name or where he lives. I give him a cup of dog food and he’s grateful.


The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for July 27, 2020


In these reading I continually face a huge paradox. Do something with all my talents. Or just be with them. Part of me really wants to have a thousand people a day read my blogs, millions to read my novels, many millions more to watch my TV series, hundred to buy my art . . . and at the same time I enjoy my solitary life. Being invisible. I look at the card HEIGHT and realize that I am wise. I am a success and everything I do is directed by inner guidance. I’m always in RIPENESS, ready for the next great thing to happen. I feel as though I’ve already opened the door to the Divine. With the PAGE OF WATER – I know I’m openhearted, still innocent and always curious. It says that this sharing of myself, this expression of my creativity, comes in many ways – in my everyday life experiences. I can share my juice or not, it no longer matters. I am Love and the expression of God on earth. I AM THAT I AM. 




The Elements Tarot: HEIGHT: 

Attainment. Wisdom. Success. Action directed by inner guidance. 

REVERSED: Fear of failure. Aspiring for success while maintaining a limiting self image. Self doubt.

Osho Zen Tarot: 9 of Rainbows. RIPENESS – 

Only if your meditation has brought you a light that shines in every night will even death not be a death to you but a door to the divine. With the light in you heart, death itself is transformed into a door, and you enter into the universal spirit; you become one with the ocean. And unless you know the oceanic experience, you have lived in vain. Now is always the time, and the fruit is always ripe. You need to gather courage to enter into your inner forest. The fruit is always ripe and the time is always the right time. There is no such thing as wrong time.

“When this card appears in a reading it indicates that you are ready to share your inner riches, your ‘juice.’ All you need to do is relax right where you are, and be willing for it to happen This sharing of yourself, this expression of your creativity, can come in many ways – in your work, your relationships, your everyday life experiences. No special preparation or effort on your part is required. It is simply the right time.”

The Good Tarot – PAGE OF WATER – Openheartedness, Innocence and curiosity, beginning of intimacy and relationships, playfulness ,cheerful optimism

“I open my heart fully, allowing myself to feel childlike wonder and innocence. All adventures lead me to where I need to go. Love awaits! Life is a delightful dance, and I am here to frolic and play. I am ready with a big smile, and I have on my dancing shoes.”

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