Goddess from temple in Bali


The Highway Shaman Wisdom

for August 28, 2020


My Osho Zen Tarot card for today is CELEBRATION. To me its fascination that yesterday I drew Flowering for the first time in 103 draws and today I pick Celebration for the first time. I have much to celebrate about beginning with this lovely home in Mexico, with plenty of good food to eat, a great car to drive, and now a new computer. I also celebrate the love of my son Alan in getting me this computer, and the fact that my two sons, with Aaron, are both healthy and happy with their lives. I’m also celebrating the increase in my strength to speak my truth, which I will include in this sharing below.


The Reading


3 of Water – CELEBRATION – Life is a moment to celebrate, to enjoy. Make it fun, a celebration, and then you will enter the temple. The temple is not for the long-faced, it has never been for them. Look at life – do you see sadness everywhere? Have you ever seen a tree depressed? Have you see a bird anxiety-ridden? Have you seen an animal neurotic? No, life is not like that, not at all. Only man has gone wrong somewhere, and he has gone wrong somewhere because he thinks himself to be very wise, very clever. Your cleverness is your disease. Don’t be too wise. Always remember to stop; don’t go to the extreme. A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good, and the right combination makes you a buddha.

“When you choose this card, it indicates that you are becoming more and more available and open to the many opportunities that are to celebrate in life, and to spread this by contagion to others. Don’t bother about scheduling a party on your calendar. Let your hair down, take your shoes off, and start splashing in the puddles right now. The party is happening all around you every moment.”


Shaman Wisdom for Today


I’m always looking to find my footing in all this political stuff. My years of doing readings for others have always been right on, so I ask my Spirit Guides for a clear and clean view of what is really going on in the US political arena. I always come up with the answer that “feels” right, which rings true. It’s not an answer that is acceptable to most people I know, especially not my left wing family. Thankfully, I get plenty of confirmation from other sources.

Like, the other day, I listened to a Lorie Ladd video re. her message from the Galactic Council. It was the exact SAME information that I have been downloading from my Spirit Guides. I’ve been being told this same thing for the past 40 years. As we move into another dimension/frequency of reality, from 3D to 5th dimensional consciousness, into the Age of Aquarius, there has to be dynamic changes, which will take the world from darkness to light. From control by the Satanic forces, into Divine Inspirational Reality. 

During the past 70 years hundreds of millions of “Light-workers” were born, who are now in various stages of awakening, who will hold the vision of a more just and loving world. Among the legions of Light-workers there are those who are more awakened and willing/able to inspire and lead the Light-workers: these are the Way-showers. What the Galactic Council says through Lorie, despite his personality and human flaws, and because he does have them, Donald Trump is evolving into the most powerful Way-shower the world has ever known. He is the one person who is not swayed, who can stand in the arena of millions of people hating him, and not lose focus, remain as brave as any warrior leader in any battle, as he helps usher US into the Golden Age.

This is the information which kept flowing through me, and why I couldn’t accept all the anti-Trump rhetoric. Yes, he’s a flawed man who had, like all of us, made personal judgment errors in the past, but now, more every day, he’s clearly aligned with his purpose. And that is to open the opportunity for All the People to have a life of abundance and freedom, safe and secure wherever they are. 

I put myself in his shoes and ask: if I were President, in the face of all opposition, what would I want for all the people and what would I do to get it. My answer is why I align with this man’s purpose and agenda.

The Galactic Council also said that this isn’t about Democrats and Republicans at all. It’s a most significant war of Good vs Evil. Up until the time of Trump in 2016, the evil was winning, and his chances to defeat the Satanic Cabal were insurmountable. I believe his win over Clinton in 2016 was because of Divine Intervention. The dark forces have done everything in their power to cancel him, and yet he’s still doing it – calling on, awakening more of the Lightworkers to support his mission.

So, I can look at the coin as Good on one side and Evil on the other. I can be here in my isolation, with no one to debate with, secure on the side watching it play out. And, I respect my emotions – how do I feel about one thing or the other? I can ask, what direction is my emotions and energy flowing? My Life of study and my heart Naturally goes in the direction of all that is Good, Godly and Holy. Not that which I see as evil and dark.

I hope you understand and respect that I don’t need to be convinced that Trump is really evil, manipulating everyone. That is one point of view, but not mine. I am praying and rooting for all that is Good, Godly and Holy, for peace and prosperity for all. If Trump is taking us in that direction, then that’s Wonderful! I support that. But if he proves to be a fraud, that will be revealed by the Galactic Council and the God-aligned Pleiadians – by my Spirit Guides to me. So far none of them are saying negative things about Donald Trump. The Galactic Council is saying that the whole political system of this world was going in the wrong direction, led by the wrong people, and it had to be dismantled sooner or later, and required a strong leader, who could fight off all attacks, to defeat the dark forces and bring this world back into the Light. That person in the current President of the USA.

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