The Highway Shaman Wisdom 

for September11, 2020


I was watching some videos of the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 and my reaction was just the same as the day I first saw it – how could anyone in their right mind not see it as a “controlled demolition?“ Any structural engineer would know that it’s completely obvious that buildings don’t fall down like that unless explosives are set in the base and lower floors; destabilizing the structure from the bottom. To destroy a building you must give it no choice but to fall. Shoot it with anything 50 stories up and it will not fall. In a building there is no upper heart where you can shoot it and kill it, like a human You can’t bring down a building by shooting it up high. The only way you can kill a building is to cut off its feet at its ankles. 

What I don’t like is lying. The airplanes were a lie. The World Trade buildings had small windows and between each window was heavy metal beams. It’s possible that a huge plane could break through some of the beams if it had a ballistic missile attached on the front, but it would only destroy a floor or two. The missiles would need to have been huge and hit the base, and still wouldn’t have brought the whole building down. The only way it could have possibly come down was if the base and all the bottom floors were wrapped in powerful explosives. That’s exactly what happened.

This was illustrated in the third building, which wasn’t “hit by an airplane” and went down in an obvious controlled demolition. What was in that building that needed to disappear? A whole other story. 

The 911 narrative is a bold example of “Fake News.” It was a fabrication of events which couldn’t possibly happen in the realms of reality. And yet the World bought it because they believed the “official” version. Arab terrorists flying sophisticated jets with no jet training commandeered these planes and suicided into the upper floors of these two buildings causing them to collapse. Impossible, but the world bought that story. Cognitive dissonance, they call it. 

The Titanic wasn’t brought down by an iceberg. It was deliberately sunk. Three of the richest bankers in the USA were aboard and these three were opposed to taking the US treasury money and putting it into the private Federal Reserve Bank. With them out of the way, “dead by accident,” it paved the way for the Rothschild’s to take over the money of the USA. 

We allow these things to happen, as we are now allowing a Deep State Leftist organization called Antifa along with Black Lives Matter to turn the USA into another Nazi Germany. This is something we should do everything in our power to stop. 

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