Why the Spirit Guide Wisdom cards


What I do is not about philosophies or judgements of what’s right or wrong or good or bad. That’s just a bunch of stuff out there. I’m addressing a person’s personal choice . . . a way for each of us to be able to access Our truth and Guidance from within our heart – circumventing the mind and confusing outside influences.


We are all here to, want to, enjoy this amazing world we live in, to be happy and have fun; to be prosperous and share our love with others. That’s what we’re here for and really want to do.

If we were doing what we love doing and are very good at and properly compensated, if it wasn’t for the busy tasks we think we need to do to afford the necessities, we’d be out traveling the world having fun and spreading our love and happiness with everyone we meet. 

But there’s this alternate reality – all these outside pressures – to do these tasks, to sacrifice and make compromises, in the way of just going out and enjoying our life. We get caught up in them and forget to ask our heart – Is this what I really want to do? Am I following my heart?

I love my home here in Cabo, love gardening and making planters. I love my two sons and look forward to sharing my home and life with them. I love having the 4Runner to get around. I love writing and my life in general – blessed with good health at 76. Glad to be alive. I think about being more prosperous, but in the here and now I feel rich and living in abundance already. And I love the cards I created that will help others to find their answers, which are in their hearts. I want them to find their truth for themselves.

I trust this simple tool, this gift given to me, so much that I or you or anyone, can do what I will do right now. No bullshit, just simply pull one random card out of 78 cards.

I’m thinking and I ask – what should I do about my involvement with the task I was engaged in?  (I go over and shuffle and pull one card).  Here it is:




What controls you?


Letting go is the realization that this person, thing or event no longer serves your best interests. When something no longer feels good in your heart or gut; the trinkets, the job, the possessions, and comforts which are controlling your life, it’s time to choose. Are my piles of stuff inspiring me or tying me down? |s holding on to this or that the reason for my stress and suffering? Protecting what no longer expands your sense of freedom, is life threatening. Let it all go. Honor yourself. Put your happiness and freedom above all else. It’s time to let go of what you really don’t need. 


I am free of all constraints


And that’s my truth and what my heart told me to do already, now validated with this one card.

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