Open to the Energy of the Universe


Of my 200 potted cactus in my slate/cement containers, 

I was drawn to one and told to take the plant out. 

After a year it was totally stuck. Resisting.

It took a long time to get it out. 

I then put it in a much larger pot with fresh soil, 

I could feel its relief. 


And that’s how it is with us. 

We need to stop resisting. Stop being stuck.

Stop being contained in our small pot.

We need to be transplanted.

To find new ground where our roots are free to spread.


There is no right or wrong, no good or bad

In whatever we’ve done.

It’s simply time to pay attention and allow our flower to bloom.


I remember when I broke my arm 5 years ago. 

After that, I slowed down, and paid more attention to all my actions.

Same when I had a brain injury. 

 I lost focus and would forget, misplace or lose things. 

Now I pay attention and never forget where I put things.


All occurrences take us to another higher level of paying more attention. 

I’ll bet the majority of people who have memorable life experiences,

 will now be more discerning than before; more aware in the future. 


God’s love moves to enlighten every soul.


As a Light Worker forever attempting to align with Universal Consciousness,

it’s been difficult for me to focus on one person in this life, like a wife.

My Aquarian Universal Love for All can’t be contained in a little pot.

My love roots need to spread far and wide, to include Everyone. 


My dear friend Chante responds:


A profound truth that escapes us is;


ALL Are One


ALL paths lead to Unity Real I zation

So. . . . all peoples everywhere are being lead to

the Portal, where this realization is accomplished.

Such is the intelligence of love.


With love all are inspired from within to seek wholeness.

How that works is beyond me.


I might as well allow myself to be scooped up by the river and let it take me home.

I feel this although it is an energetic river.


It comes mostly at night when I let go of my vertical axis.

It starts in my heart and expands out thru every limb,

beyond my body to the outer beyond.

And then, it penetrates deeper and deeper inside my heart.


It knows what it is doing.


I feel like I am disappearing in a field of energy.

I feel it is trans-forming my body without so much as a word from my head.

No desires, no asking, no pleading,

no requests, no complaints, just breathing and going with it.




I am releasing the ‘world’ that has occupied my energetic structure.


Chante Quiett


 Nikola Tesla


We are whirling through endless space,

with an inconceivable speed,

all around everything is spinning,

everything is moving,

everywhere there is energy.


There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly.

Then, with the light obtained from the medium,

 with the power derived from it,

with every form of energy obtained without effort,

from the store forever inexhaustible,

humanity will advance with giant strides.


The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities

expand our minds, strengthens our hopes and

 fills our hearts with supreme delight.


Nikola Tesla

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