The Law of Karma

Everything is interconnected, and any change will effect everything else. It is the law of nature. The law of Karma states that everything that happens in the world affects you. It also means that everything you do affects the whole world. We have the ability to change the world by changing ourselves. The unfolding of Karma is a slow but powerful process of life.
The law of Karma relates to all relationships like a mirror reflects its image. Karma means consequence. Everything you do has its consequence. If you avoid certain people, others will certainly avoid you. If you are selfish, you will eventually find yourself in a shell of indulgence. You cannot escape what you do in life.
If, on the other hand, you treat yourself with love and respect, you will be loved and respected. If you see the universe as one perfect entity, the world will show you how perfect it really is. If you love, you will be loved. It is a Karmic law that if you give, you shall receive. Why worry about your life?
Everything is merely a reflection. You cannot be cheated. It all comes back eventually, because in the end it is all one. You cannot even take “short cuts,” because everything you do has a consequence. Relax, just be yourself. Trust and have faith in the balance and harmony of life.

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