FOR MAY 5, 2020


THE FIRST (Elements Tarot) –  Beginning stages of a project or process, Building a foundation. Position of responsibility. Being Source.

INTEGRATION (Osho Zen)  This is a time of communication between the previously experienced dualities of life. Rather than night opposing day, dark opposing light, they work together to create a unifying whole. It is time for the integration of self-creation, new life, and mystical union, otherwise known as alchemy.


“I have an unstoppable Spirit and can co-create all that I desire.”

“Surrounded by Spirit, illuminated by the wisdom that rises up within me, I set forth on a path to innovate.”

“I trust in my vision and act accordingly, remaining true to what I most value and desire, which can manifest in many forms.”

SET YOUR INTENTION (Judith Orloff)   “Lighten up.”



(part three)

I believe when I cannot do those things I desire to do, it is because God has closed the door, only to open another, a better, larger door. If I do not see the door just ahead, it is because I have not seen, heard or obeyed God’s guidance. It is then that God uses the trouble or seeming failure which may result to help me face myself and find the inspiration and power to see the right door.

The real purpose to my life is to find the God within my own mind and heart, and to help my fellowman. His Love, Light, and Life will be expressed more perfectly through me, as I keep in touch with God. I pray that I may always be grateful for the countless expressions of His Love, Harmony and Beauty and for His unfailing guidance. I thank my Heavenly Father/Mother for each experience which helps me to surrender my will to His Will, and brings me closer to God. For only as I lose myself in the consciousness of His Great Presence can His Plan for my life be fulfilled.   Anonymous


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