(part one)

God has a plan for me. It is hidden within me just as the oak is hidden within the acorn, or the rose within the bud. I believe that anything which comes into my life is necessary for my growth. As I give myself more to this God given plan, it expresses itself more perfectly through me. I can tell when I’m in tune with it, for then my mind and heart are filled with a deep inner peace. This peace fills me with a sense of security, with joy, and a desire to do those things that are a part of the Plan; or I am filled with a new patience, a new stillness, that makes it possible for others to unfold the Plan to me.

This Plan is a perfect part of a larger Plan. It is designed for the good of all and not for me alone. It is a many sided Plan and reaches out through all the people I meet and all the events of my live; therefore, I accept the events and the people who come into my life as the instruments for the unfoldment of God’s Plan for me.

God has chosen those He wants me to know, to love, and to serve, and we are continually being drawn one to another. I pray that I may become a better instrument to love and to serve and that I may become more worthy to receive the love and service of others, so that together we may more perfectly express God’s Plan in our lives.

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