The Highway Shaman Spirit Reading

for May 16, 2020


Note: Every morning I shuffle and draw random cards from my three decks. Today I drew the “Grace” card, saying I would be receiving a spiritual gift. Then I drew the Osho Zen card “Healing,” one of 108 cards. I wrote down the quote from the Zen book word for word, which said, “under the healing influence of the King of Water.” 

I then drew from the 108 card Good Tarot deck: that card was “The King of Water.”  What are the mathematical chances I would draw that particular card? The truth . . . my Spirit Guides always direct the shuffle for the correct cards to appear. Every single time.

This Gift lead to my writing “Receiving Spiritual Gifts” below.

The Elements Tarot:

GRACE: Receiving spiritual and material gifts. Influence of positive forces. A gift of God. 

REVERSED: Fundamental resistance to receiving. Deep seated feelings of un worthiness.

Osho Zen Tarot:

HEALING: Just for 24 hours, try it – Total Acceptance, whatever happens. Someone insults you, accept it, don’t react, and see what happens. Suddenly you will feel an energy flowing in you that you have not felt before. You cannot touch a man of Tao. Why? Because there is no one to be touched. There is no wound. He is healthy, healed, whole.

“When we are under the healing influence of the King of Water we are no longer hiding from ourselves and others. In this attitude of openness and acceptance we can be healed, and help others to be healthy and whole.”

The Good Tarot:

KING OF WATER   Generous, diplomatic, fair, gentle, a good listener, nonjudgmental peacemaker, mediator.

“I honor and respect all beings, including myself, and see the commonalities we share and the Spirit that is in all of us. I listen to other voices and blend them with my own wisdom before settling on an opinion, making a decision or taking action. I gently and lovingly lead others away from fear and divisiveness and into harmonious collaboration.”




Every morning, I spend time with my Spirit Guides, in prayer and connecting through the veil, with these readings. In a previous blog, I wrote that every one of us, each and every human on earth, has at least two Spirit Guides, always with us day and night. 

Well . . . that’s partially true. If you were able to see beyond the veil, from this dense 3rd Dimensional reality into the 4th dimension and beyond, you’d be blown away. Hovering all around us, at our beck and call, are not only our two Spirit Guides, helping us to live our Life Purpose, but other invisible beings, including representatives of our 4th dimensional thoughts. All the fabled creatures from hell are there too, if you so desire. Likewise, you can move beyond the 3rd and 4th dimensions and call on 5th dimensional and above angels, archangels, Ascended Christ Masters like Jesus, Saints, God, the Galactic Federation masters and so on. They are right here at the blink of an eye, every moment. 

That truth will seem impossible when our pragmatic scientific mind is sure we’re stuck within the boundaries of third dimensional space and time. And yet, once you’ve connected with those who live in dimensions above the 3D; there is No Doubt of holographic, fractal multi-dimensional existence. Then we realize it’s the human egoic mind which restricts “time and space;” keeping us from experiencing our full potential.

For thousands of years people could speculate about the existence of atoms. They are invisible to the human eye. It wasn’t until the invention of the electron microscope that man could actually see an atom. Once you see it, it can’t be unseen. Even then people will say since they can’t see it, an atom doesn’t exist. This is the same with seeing beyond 3D reality.

In other words, the unseen multidimensions of reality are REAL. Throughout history there have been living Shamans and Saints who see into these other dimensions. They will tell you, as I am now, if you want the wise counsel, compassion and love of Jesus, all you need to do is think Jesus and he’s there; think God, and a benevolent creator God is there. Think Buddha, Krishna, and Archangel Michael, and they are right here . . . right now, beside you, ready to answer your prayer.

Our lives are only limited, restricted, and incomplete when we think in terms of 3D.

Each of us is a multi-dimensional being in a human body. Understanding the truth of that statement is what makes us a God or Goddess on Earth.

My prayer it that each person recognizes they are a God/Goddess on Earth, and to make higher dimensional choices while living this 3d physical body experience.

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