The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 4, 2020


I pulled the FOCUS card this morning, and decided to focus more on who I am.  I’m in ISOLATION so that card is appropriate. It’s sad what’s happening in the world, the riots, and still my tears should be of joy not sadness. The old must die before the new can emerge. In this case the old is the Deep State controlling Cabals, who need to fail in their insane efforts to enslave the people, so the 5th Dimension of peace, love and harmony can enter in to the hears of humanity. The ACE OF AIR says its all happening very quickly now and good news is coming soon. I write of karma and mastery below.



The Elements Tarot:

FOCUS: Centeredness, attentiveness. Ability to isolate awareness in order to perceive or evaluate information or energy. 

REVERSED: Limited vision. Not seeing the whole of the process at work. Narrowness.

Osho Zen Tarot: 

ISOLATION: We are miserable because we are too much in the self.  Either you can be in existence or be in the self – both are not possible together. To be in the self means to be apart, to be separate. To be in the self means to become an island. To be in the self means to draw a boundary line around you. To be in the self means to make a distinction between ‘this I am’ and ‘that I am not.’ It makes you frozen – you are no longer flowing. In love the boundaries disappear, because joy is not cold.

“The tears and only the tears have the power to melt the ice. It’s okay to cry and there is no reason to feel ashamed of your tears. Crying helps to let go of the pain, allows us to gentle with ourselves, and finally helps us to heal.”

The Good Tarot:

ACE OF AIR:  Destiny and fate, the law of karma, powerful forces of transformation at work, synchronicity.

“Meaningful coincidences and forces beyond my human control are operating in my life now for the highest good! Things are happening now with great velocity. I can expect quick results that will lead me forward with excellent information.”




I was contemplating karma. In the Hindu tradition if one were to accumulate enough boon or merit its possible they could return as a saint, or Master, but if they screw up, do bad things, commit crimes or murder, Ia human could come back as a dog or even a worm. How do I know my karma is good in this life?

At the time of this writing there is a lot of looting, robbery, fear and anger going on in the streets of America. Also a pandemic restricting peoples’ freedom. I’m nowhere near any of that. It is like I was placed on another world where robbery doesn’t exist and everyone around me Is free of this ailment. I am surrounded by nature, by abundance and peace. I didn’t try to get to this place, I was guided. I can’t help but realize that I possess such good karma, because I am a Master. 

Still I wondered if I’m justified to call myself a Master, just by saying that I’m the One I’ve been seeking. How do I get doubt out of my mind? 

I went to another dimension and asked the Oracle.

“Get out of your mind,” she answered. “Live your life like the Masters live theirs. They aren’t thinking ‘I’m the Master.” They just are.  Like you, they made that reality up. Live YOUR life in an authentic way. That’s all. Fill it with happiness. Enjoy the beating of your own drum, and make every act a sacred one, performed with intention, honor and grace. And never forget that Innocent Love is proof of your Mastery.”

I laughed thinking that ‘innocent love’ is what screwed my life up in the first place. But maybe it didn’t. It’s something modern society doesn’t appreciate.

I still felt as though I needed her permission to be who I now knew I was, as silly as that sounds. Which is why I summoned her. 

I went out and sat on my porch, deciding to enjoy being in the here and now, getting totally out of my mind as the wise woman suggested. I thought about the oxen. That animal was out of its mind, yet knew its job was to perfectly plow the field so the harvest would be most abundant. 

A mouse stands inside the lion cage without fear, free to go in or out wherever it choses. A fish could swim to the four corners of the earth, if it so desired. An eagle could touch the moon, we’re not sure. And I, the shaman, could be like a farmer and plant good seeds in the hearts of everyone I meet. 

That shouldn’t be difficult. Closing my eyes I see myself with a water bucket. The water is love. And I am free to water all the people like they are My plants. I am the Master of my Vision of Love.

These thoughts make me smile.

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