The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 7, 2020


The Good Tarot card today, 8 of Air, sums up why I do these readings, “With Spirit at my side encouraging me. I open my eyes to see things as they really are.” Every day I shuffle and pull one card from each deck. Today a second Elements card popped out. There is never an accident with this. I got HEIGHT = attainment and my action directed by inner guidance supported by RESOLUTION (R) = Bringing wholeness and peace to an unstable situation with the aid of spiritual forces. Inner work, prayer.  Powerful. Osho Zen then followed with TURNING IN = to distance my mind from the drama out there in the world, and go within.



The Elements Tarot: 

HEIGHT: Attainment. Wisdom. Success. Action directed by inner guidance. 

REVERSED: Fear of failure. Aspiring for success while maintaining a limiting self image. Self doubt.

RESOLUTION: Creating peace and stability by developing new or manifesting dormant abilities, approaches or resources. Using inner resources. 

REVERSED: Bringing wholeness and peace to an unstable situation with the aid of spiritual forces. Inner work, prayer.

Osho Zen Tarot: 

TURNING IN – All journeys are outward journeys, there is no inward journey. How can you journey inwards? You are already there, there is no point in going. When going stops, journeying disappears; when desiring is no more clouding your mind, you are in. This is called turning in. But it is not a turning at all, it is simply not going out.

“To develop the knack of taking a distance from the mind is one of the greatest blessings. It is what meditation is all about really – not chanting a mantra, or repeating an affirmation, but just watching, as if the mind belongs to somebody else. You are ready to take this distance now, and to watch the show without getting caught up in the drama. Indulge yourself in the simple freedom of Turning In whenever you can, and the knack of meditation will grow and deepen in you.”

The Good Tarot:

EIGHT OF AIR: Release from denial, seeing things as they really are, clarity.

“With Spirit at my side encouraging me. I open my eyes to see things as they really are. To be disillusioned is to free myself from illusions that keep me from the growth and healing I deserve, so I bid goodbye to illusions that have clouded my vision. Honesty gives me strength and courage to face whatever I have to face.”




One afternoon I went to the house of a very wise medicine woman. Her house was filled with amulets and sacred objects, herbs hanging, drying from her ceiling, many jars with potpourris and essential oils: all for her healing arts. The woman was a renown psychic, who used a variety of esoteric tools to read fortunes. She drew of a card from one of her numerous tarot decks. It was the ‘Master’ card. She smiled. “You haven’t been listening. So often I have told you, others have told you, the truth of who you are, and every time you forget. Why can’t you remember that you are the one you have been looking for?” 

When I shrugged my shoulders, she opened a reference book to the word “Master,” handed it to me and told me to read it:

“Your life is a work of art, a thing of beauty to behold. But you have forgotten about your beauty, power and mastery, because the Master in you is still asleep. The brain is intricately connected to all of your bodily functions, and is not the same as the mind. The mind a detached construct hovering around, like a ghost: its the servant of the illusionary world; it follows the dictates of culture, religion, politics, advertising and social imprinting, and obeys these contrived man-made laws, telling you that you must too. You have simply been mesmerized, like the others, to believe that your mind is in control, that it is the Master, when in fact it is the servant of the Master. In your innocence and not knowing, you’ve allowed the servant to play the role of the Master. The servant, who is running your show, your mind, is not you. Once you realize that this obedient betraying servant, your mind, is a trickster, and has no business being in charge of your life, that it has, in fact, made you its slave, only then can you dismiss the mind and follow your heart. Then will you be free. There is nothing more precious than freedom, in being a Master of your own Destiny.”  

The Master of my own Destiny?

I asked the medicine woman exactly what it meant to be the Master of my Destiny. “Whose other destiny would you master?” she asked. “Proclaiming your own Mastery is contrary to our culture and tradition, this is true. There has always been a Master teacher for the student. You are traditionally, ritually, supposed to be less than a Master, until your Master gives you his or her blessings. I’ll be your Master . . . and give you my blessings, though you know and I know that blessings are illusions. You were born free, and have always been free to be whoever you say you are. So go be it. Be the Master of your own destiny.”

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