The Highway Shaman Wisdom Reading 

for June 6, 2020


Yesterday I spoke with a friend about American politics. It upset me. I think this is what the TEN of FIRE is all about. It’s a burden I doin’t need. I’m here to be a Way Shower, not to lug around beliefs or emotions that don’t server the greater whole. In my daily connection with Spirit, with these readings, I am GRACEd with an ABUNDANCE of Spiritual and Material Gifts. God is on my side. By doing this daily work I am becoming whole and wiser.



The Elements Tarot: 

GRACE: Receiving spiritual and material gifts. Influence of positive forces. A gift of God. 

REVERSED: Fundamental resistance to receiving. Deep seated feelings of un worthiness.

Osho Zen Tarot: 

ABUNDANCE – King of Rainbows –

You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science; rich in meditation, rich in consciousness. Only a whole person is a holy person. The King of Rainbows sits atop the the book of the wisdom of life.

“This card represents a time of breaking through the conventional male stereotype and allowing the fullness of the whole human being to shine forth.”

The Good Tarot:

TEN OF FIRE – Burning away, releasing the excess, endings clear way for beginnings.

“I may be overcommitted and taken on too many burdens. In this moment, I do the work of decluttering my life. All that I release will take on new form and serve the greater whole, but I no longer need to hold on to it simply because it once seemed to have value to me. I thank it for what it did for me, but say goodbye to the emotions, the relationships, and situations that I realize do not belong in my life anymore.”




If I were a bird on a branch observing ants I would see all these little beings moving in some sort of chaotic order, going out in search of something – food, building materials; whatever the heck ants look for, and bring it back home. Maybe ants have consciousness and know what they’re doing. Regardless, they are doing it for their Queen. All the busy work that fills their hours, is all for the benefit of their Queen. 

What if there were some thinking ants who met in secret. They were chattering: WTF are we doing? What’s the reward for all our hard toil and sweat? Screw her. Let’s start our own colony. 

Let’s say that happened and the colony was surviving perfectly well without the Queen. The Queen, being in her self-centered world, probably didn’t even know about the rebellious ants.

But, what if the word got around, and more and more ants left, started their own colonies and the Queen’s needs weren’t being met? She would react. I’d say she would probably send out loyal spy drones to infiltrate the colonies. 

Once these drones were trusted, because droneness gave them a stronger personality, they began organizing the colony society. Maybe they formed a religion, institutions of higher learning, since they found out that the worker ants could actually think. Then, because the drone feigned superiority, they would start wars with the other colonies. Alliances would be made. Eventually the alliances would be consolidated under one central government, run by you know who. The Queen. But now the worker ants are doing it with free will, because they were taught the benefits.

But, what if a few colonies still knew the true story of their ant origin? What if they knew the truth of their being and were aware of their godly nature? The cycle would continue, until eventually the Queen would become irrelevant. Then all the free ants would have a big party.

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